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Rhode Island Schools

Our first Rhode Island school, Achievement First Providence Mayoral Academy, opened in 2013. Ever since, it has been proving what’s possible for students in the Ocean State. We are proud to serve students from Providence, North Providence, Warwick and Cranston. We’re even prouder to help them excel. For more information about individual Rhode Island schools, please click on the links below.


Rhode Island School Enrollment

We run free, high-quality, K-12 public charter schools in Providence. Our students regularly outperform their state and local peers and all of our teachers and leaders are committed to helping them achieve their dreams.

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Rhode Island Results

  • Closing the Gap

    Most of our students (84%) qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. They are closing the gap with their wealthiest Rhode Island peers. Our fourth-graders’ math results exceeded those of students in East Greenwich.

  • Proving What’s Possible

    Achievement First Providence was named a 2017 Commended School, putting the school in the top 7% of all Rhode Island schools. It is the only commended school serving majority Latino, Black and low-income students and requiring no exams for entrance.

  • Outscoring the State

    Our Black and Latino students significantly outscored their state peers in ELA and math. By fourth grade, they outperformed the statewide average for white students by 18% points.

Additional Information and Notices

  • What is the Special Education Local Advisory Committee?

    • The Local Advisory Committee (LAC) is a group of parents, teachers, school administrators and related service providers (social workers, psychologists, speech/language pathologists, etc.) working together on behalf of children with special needs to improve services that support our students.
  • Parents and Partners

    • The LAC plays a vital role in the success of special education programs and services by providing resources to parents as well as special education professionals. These resources help parents and special educators become partners in delivering the best and most appropriate services to students in their care.
    • We do this by:
      • Explaining the individual education plan process and available services so that parents can participate fully in their child’s education.
        Informing administrators, teachers and special education service providers about federal and state laws to guarantee compliance with those laws; and
        Bringing together parents and professionals with similar experiences for mutual support and assistance.
    • You can download the Procedural Safeguards in English or Spanish.
  • LAC Contact Information

  • LAC Meeting Schedule

    • ​October 25, 2017 – ​Minutes
      ​February 21, 2018​ ​
      ​April 2, 2018 ​​
      May 31, 2018​ ​
  • Additional Notices