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We would love to have your Bridgeport scholar at one of our schools! Our lottery enrollment period for the 2019-20 has closed, but interested families are welcome to join the waitlist.

Click here to join the waitlist!

Important information:

  • Students entering grades K-4 can join the waitlist for AF Bridgeport Academy Elementary.
  • Students entering grades 5-8 can join the waitlist for AF Bridgeport Academy Middle.
  • Bridgeport students entering grades 9-11 can join the waitlist for AF Amistad High School in New Haven (using the link above).
  • In order to be eligible to attend AF Bridgeport Academy:
    • Students must have otherwise attended one of the following neighborhood schools: Barnum, Beardsley, Black Rock, Bryant, Cesar Batalla, Columbus, Columbus Annex, Cross, Curiale, Dunbar, Edison, Geraldine Johnson, Hall, Hooker, Marin, Read, Roosevelt, Tisdale, Waltersville.
    • Students entering kindergarten must have been born on or before 12/31/14.

Get in touch!

You have questions about enrollment and/or would like to be added to our contact list, please email or call 203-773-3223, ext. 17248 for further assistance.