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Achievement First Achievement First

We work for change that changes everything.

We are a growing network of 41 non-profit, high-performing K-12 public charter schools in Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island. But we’re more than that. We’re changemakers.

In order to make long-lasting and transformative change, we believe in focusing on what we know to work: serving all students, growing in our communities, sharing and learning from others, and committing to innovation. It makes us who we are. And who are we?

We are high performing.

We have some of the best schools in the country. Our students are outperforming kids across our cities and states. And they’re going on to college to become whatever they dream of.

We care about people.

We can help you become who you’re meant to be, whether you’re 8 or 38. Because at Achievement First, we know that taking care of kids means taking care of teachers, too.

We are innovating & growing.

We never stop learning and evolving. It’s a part of everything we do, from our bold new programs to the way our network of schools continues to grow in the communities we serve.


Our Mission

 Our mission is to deliver on the promise of equal educational opportunity for all of America’s children. We know that every child ─ regardless of race, zip code, or economic status ─ deserves access to a great education. At Achievement First, our students realize their potential and develop the skills they need to graduate from college, succeed in a competitive world, and serve as the next generation of leaders in our community. Achievement First’s operative construct is that we position our students to have choices in their lives through the skills and experiences that we provide them, not link them to a particular destiny.


Our Resources

We believe in sharing and learning from others. We created an open source web portal to share the resources found in our schools because we want to help all students, even those who will never walk through our doors.

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