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We would love to have your scholar at one of our New Haven schools! The New Haven School Choice Placement Process (formerly called the lottery) enrollment period is open from February 11 through March 17.

Apply Now!

Check the New Haven Magnet Schools website for further details.

Important information:

  • Students entering grades K-4 can enter the lottery for Amistad Academy Elementary or Elm City College Prep Elementary.
    • Students entering kindergarten must have been born on or before 12/31/14.
  • Students entering grades 5-6 can also enter the lottery for Elm City College Prep Elementary or Amistad Academy Middle.
  • Students entering grades 7-8 can enter the lottery for Amistad Academy Middle or Elm City College Prep Middle.
  • Students entering grades 9-11 can apply to AF Amistad High.
    • If you are a Bridgeport family interested in enrolling in AF Amistad High, please visit the Bridgeport page to apply before March 1, 2019.


An Hour with AF

Do you want to see what AF is all about? Join us for an Hour with AF. You’ll attend a school event with current families, get a sense of what it’s like to be a part of our community, and have your questions answered during a brief Q&A.

Visit a School 


If you would like to visit one of our schools and/or be added to our contact list, or have questions please email or call 203-773-3223, ext. 17248 for further assistance.