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Achievement First Achievement First

Amazing things happen when potential meets opportunity.

That’s what we see inside our schools every day. Our students will be teachers, artists, business leaders, scientists and senators. They’ll be anything they dream of. It’s our job to help them get there.

What we do:

  • We run high-quality, college-prep, K-12 public charter schools in New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford, Connecticut; Brooklyn, New York; and Providence, Rhode Island. Our students outperform their peers in their cities and across our states. All of our teachers and leaders are committed to helping them achieve their dreams.
  • We welcome ALL students including students with disabilities and kids who haven’t yet learned English.
  • Our non-profit network of public schools accepts all students through blind lottery. There are never any admissions tests, interviews or fees.

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Enroll your Child at Achievement First

Why Achievement First?

There are so many reasons why you should enroll your child at Achievement First. Here are our top three.

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You want your child to excel. Our students regularly outscore the state and local proficiency averages. In some grades and subjects, they outperform students in the wealthiest communities in New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.


Your child does best in a tight-knit, safe and welcoming community where everyone knows their name, and everyone is a team.

College Readiness

You want your child to go to a great high school and go on to college. Once your child is enrolled at AF, we are committed to them through high school graduation. Our high school students take an average of 5 Advanced Placement classes, and all of our graduates are accepted to college.