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Achievement First Achievement First

We’re more than just numbers.

Our data is more than lines on a graph, or figures on a spreadsheet.

Behind every data point is a student, a family, a teacher. Every statistic is a story of hard work, long nights and endless love. Yes, we’re proud of our test scores. But we’re proudest of everything they stand for.

Connecticut Results

  • Our high schools are among the best in the state.

    U.S. News & World Report named AF Hartford High #3 in Connecticut, and AF Amistad High ranked #12.

  • Even as we raise the bar, we get stronger.

    Since the state began Common Core-aligned assessments in 2015, our students have improved their proficiency rates by 21% points in math and by 15% points in ELA.

  • Advanced is the new proficient.

    More of our elementary schoolers are scoring advanced than any other level on state assessments. Our students scoring remedial are the smallest group. This means that more of our students are mastering material than struggling with it.

  • Enrichment matters.

    The innovative enrichment program at Elm City College Prep Elementary builds activities like soccer into the curriculum during the regular school day. That’s part of the reason why the school became the first in the state to compete as a travel team for South Central Premier in the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association!

Our Connecticut Stories


Growing in ELA

Every day our students are learning, growing, and showing all the amazing things they can do. For Nicolas, a fourth-grader at AF Bridgeport Academy Elementary, that means progressing so much in ELA that he improved by TWO levels!

Read more about Nicolas 

Daniel holding his Providence College banner

Heading for College

Daniel started senior year describing himself as "brilliant, but lazy." Find out how he matched his effort to his knowledge and got into his dream college.

Daniel's college journey

Kaiden standing by a bulletin board

Growing in Math

Kaiden changed her motivation and mindset to achieve her goals, and her hard work lead to her growing three levels on her math exams. We sat down with Kaiden to learn more about her accomplishments and what's next.

Read more about Kaiden

New York Results

  • We’re achieving excellence—nationwide

    Achievement First Bushwick has been named a 2019 National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education. This is a first for our network, and AF Bushwick is among only 362 schools to receive this prestigious honor this year.

  • AF students are college-ready.

    Students at AF University Prep High score an average of 1126 on the SAT, outperforming both their peers
    from similar backgrounds (990) and the national average (1068).

  • All kids can

    AF students are scoring at double the proficiency rates at their peers in our host
    districts. It shows what we all know—kids can achieve incredible things when you give them the
    opportunity to do so.

  • Our students make their voices heard.

    Students in the Speech and Debate program at AF Brooklyn High have won the State Championship and placed third, ninth, and 11th across three national championships. What’s more, their winning speeches center
    on our students’ truth, social justice, and identity. They push for change in an arena that is overwhelmingly white and affluent.

Our New York Stories

Students working together

Nationwide Excellence

What does it mean to be named a 2019 National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education? Take a look inside Achievement First Bushwick!

Watch the video

Ocean holding a book

Focus and Hard Work

Ocean from AF Apollo Middle loves reading, fractions, and of course, recess! What happened when he focused on equations and math lessons? Check out our interview. 

Read Ocean's story

Jessica holding her college banner

Bound for College

Every year, members of AF’s graduating class are accepted to colleges and universities. For Jessica, her journey involved writing poetry, performing spoken word, and taking action. 

Jessica's college journey

Rhode Island Results

  • We’re raising the bar.

    Last year, our student outperformed their in-state peers at such a wide margin that we committed to benchmark our Rhode Island results against those of Massachusetts, which is widely considered to have one of best school systems in the country. The results are in—our kids in the Ocean State are outperforming the state average of our Bay State neighbors by 5% points in ELA and math.

  • We meet all students where they are, while also holding high expectations.

    English Language Learners at AF Rhode Island score proficient and above at five times the rate of their peers across the state.

Our Rhode Island Stories

Students raise their hands in the classroom

Leading the Way

When our school ranked as the top performer in the state, the Providence Journal called us the gem of the state. Here’s what they had to say.

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Jadiel smiling

Making Waves

With hard work and focus, Jadiel, a seventh-grader at AF Providence Middle, grew TWO levels in his ELA state exams. What goal is he going after next?

Read about Jadiel's goals

Yaneli and her family

A Place for Families

How is AF welcoming families and ensuring all learners succeed? Read this interview with AF parent (and student services manager) Yaneli Almonte.

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