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Achievement First Achievement First

We’re more than just numbers.

Our data is more than lines on a graph, or figures on a spreadsheet.

Behind every data point is a student, a family, a teacher. Every statistic is a story of hard work, long nights and endless love. Yes, we’re proud of our test scores. But we’re proudest of everything they stand for.

Connecticut Results

  • Across Connecticut

    AF Connecticut students grew more than their peers across the host districts, state, and affluent districts. And by the end of high school, our students are going on to some of the top colleges in the country.

  • In Bridgeport

    AF Bridgeport Academy fourth-graders are outperforming their peers in the state’s wealthiest, highest-performing districts. In math, only four school districts in the entire state had stronger scores.

  • In Hartford

    Our AF Hartford eighth-graders not only outscored their district, magnet and state peers in ELA, they scored above the state average for students from middle- and upper- income families, topping it by 3% points.

  • In New Haven

    AF Amistad High is ranked #1 in Connecticut. And that’s not all. Our Elm City College Prep students outscored the state proficiency average in both subjects, and in math, Elm City eighth graders were the highest scorers in the AF Connecticut network.

Our Connecticut Stories

Zada and her mom at AF Hartford Academy Elementary

Proving What’s Possible

Which student made the most academic progress in all of AF CT last year? Who has been proving doctors wrong since birth, and showing what’s possible when potential meets opportunity? Meet Zada.

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Heading for College

Every year, hundreds of college acceptances pour in for our seniors. For Isis, her journey to college acceptance started with her grandmother. 

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Brooke Williams and her students with their hands raised.

Serving All Scholars

We believe in serving all students well, including students with disabilities. Bridgeport special educator Brooke Williams’ described in this op-ed the progress made by one of her students, Nicole.

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New York Results

  • Strong, and Growing Stronger

    Since 2014-15, Achievement First has grown 34% points in ELA, 24% points in math and 29% points overall—far outpacing the growth of the city and state.

  • Performing with Excellence

    AF students’ overall proficiency is double that of our host districts and exceeds state and city averages by more than 24% points. In math, every AF school’s eighth-grade class performed in the top 3% of all New York schools.

  • Closing the Gap

    More than 85% of our students receive free or reduced-price lunch, and they are outperforming students from middle- and upper- income families by 13% points in math and 4% points in ELA.

  • Supporting High-Needs Students

    AF students with special needs are outperforming their host-district peers in math. English language learners are achieving proficiency at double the rate of their state peers.

Our New York Stories

Teacher Joey Rabison and his students posing together.

Excellence in Math

What does it feel like to teach and lead at the middle school that scored #3 for math in the state? Joseph Rabison knows.

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Esther holds up her Yale University pennant.

Bound for College

Every year, members of AF’s graduating class are accepted to colleges and universities. For Esther, her journey involved debate championships, fighting injustice, and exploration of her own identity.

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Ashly at AF Bushwick Middle with one of her teachers.

Learning English

When Ashly first came to AF in kindergarten, she didn’t speak English. By the end of first grade, she could read at a second grade level. This is Ashly five years later.

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Rhode Island Results

  • Performing with Excellence

    In the first year of state testing, Achievement First Iluminar Mayoral Academy Elementary ranked as the top performer in all of Rhode Island—#1 in ELA  and #1 in math, beating the wealthiest schools in the state by double digits.

  • Closing the Gap

    In ELA, our Achievement First Providence Mayoral Academy Middle students outscored the state by 25% points and their peers in wealthy benchmark districts by 7% points. Our students also outperformed the Rhode Island average by 23% points in math.

  • Raising the Bar

    At Achievement First Providence Mayoral Academy Elementary, our capstone students—fourth-graders—topped the state by 5% points in ELA and a whopping 34% points in math.

Our Rhode Island Stories

Students raise their hands in the classroom

Leading the Way

When our school ranked as the top performer in the state, the Providence Journal called us the gem of the state. Here’s what they had to say.

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Two students work on a robotics project.

Making Waves

Watch WPRI report how our middle school program is “unlike any other middle school program in the state.”

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Man walking holding students' hands

Supporting All Learners

How is AF ensuring all learners succeed? Read this article from AF Iluminar Mayoral Academy kindergarten special education teacher Carmen Naz.

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