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Achievement First Achievement First

You can find our alumni on college campuses across the country, from SUNY to Stanford. They’re at the University of Connecticut, the University of Richmond, and everywhere in between.

Our alumni want to graduate from college, but they want to do more than that. They want to thrive and lead. Our alumni counselors stay in contact with our students long after they’ve walked across the stage at 12th grade graduation. Because we want to continue to help them go on to graduate college and make their marks on the world.


    “I always knew I wanted to give back to my community through a job in a rewarding field. As a nurse, I make a difference every day.”

    Brianna, Alumna from AF Amistad High '12, Central Connecticut State University '18

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    “When I was in high school, I interned for a New York state senator. In college, I'm developing my voice so I can continue to be an advocate for others.”

    Carlos, Alumnus from AF Brooklyn High ‘17, Lawrence University ‘21

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    “I used to struggle with reading. I struggled with behavior. Then I came to AF. I won awards for leadership, started on the high school basketball team, and made so much progress in the classroom.”

    Jahki, Alumnus from AF Amistad High ‘12, Western Connecticut State University ‘16

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    “In high school, I remember figuring out my 'why.' I am going to accomplish everything I want in life because I have family who looks up to me and people who depend on me to show others that black excellence is possible.”

    James, Alumnus from AF Brooklyn High '16, Dartmouth College ‘20

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    “After I earn my bachelor’s degree and my master’s degree, I'm not done. I would love to have a career in lobbying, policy analysis or non-profit management so that I can be an economic and political leader in the community.”

    Jami, Alumna from AF Amistad High ‘16, Haverford College ‘20

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