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Achievement First Achievement First

Who is on our Network Support team? Curriculum specialists, talent development pros, and data analysts. There are also human resources leaders, facilities and finance experts, and IT professionals. And our team is full of many, many talented others committed to the success of our schools. They’re here because they believe in the mission and have unique skills that help us achieve it.

Our team exists to take care of core functions needed to run great schools, because that way our school leaders can focus exclusively on teaching and learning. And we can capture, centralize and share best practices so all of our schools are enhanced by the power of the network.


    “My favorite moments are seeing students plan and facilitate events that represent their identities. Validating student identity and representation boosts morale for students and adults.”

    Shamel Duncan, Middle School Director of Student Experience

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    “The fact that someone can call me and rely on me to help take the load off their shoulders, that’s the most rewarding part.”

    Bernardo Lora, IT Associate

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    “My favorite core value is Team & Family. Our teams are both incredibly dedicated to scholars and incredibly supportive of each other.”

    Erica Manta, Director, Academic Operations & Strategy

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