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Every Senior Signing Day when our students announce where they are going to college, who are the first people they thank? Moms. Dads. Aunts. Uncles. Grandparents. Our students’ success is powered by the loving community around them. At Achievement First, we know parents are kids’ first and most important teachers (and we can relate, many of us are parents too.)

We believe in close partnerships with families. Parents help make our schools great. You can find AF parents visiting our schools, participating on Parent Leadership Council, and joining meetings, pot lucks, advocacy events, block parties, and more.


    “I have always seen the potential of what children can be. I'm constantly looking for ways to help them grow and thrive.”

    Diana, Providence Parent

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    “I love my city. And I love that my daughter has loved her school since kindergarten.”

    Kayla, Hartford Parent

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    “The best part of being an AF parent is watching my children develop the confidence and independence to forge their own paths.”

    Remi, Brooklyn Parent

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