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After a decade of growth, we are more optimistic than ever about our potential to deliver on the promise of equal education for all and that our students will climb the mountain to college. The hard work of our teachers, students and parents is
paying off as their extraordinary achievement results receive local, state and national attention. As our organization
grows, we continue to be committed to the core value
"People Matter, Mightily."

2013 Highlights

  • Interact with our digital annual report for a complete "year in review."
  • With the opening of three new schools in our network—AF Aspire Elementary, AF University Prep High and AF Providence Mayoral Academy Elementary—we served nearly 8,100 students across three states, five cities and 25 schools. 
  • At both of our full-size high schools, 100 percent of graduating seniors have gained college acceptance in every graduating class. Our students, most of whom will be the first in their families to attend college, are not only gaining acceptance to college, but they are persisting toward graduation. While only 16 percent of students nationwide who are the first in their families to enter college will graduate within six years, 82 percent of our high school graduates are still persisting in college
  • For two consecutive years, AF Bushwick received an A and scored in the top 15 percent of all city schools on the New York City Department of Education Progress Reports. The NYC DOE highlighted AF Bushwick as one of eight city schools with high-needs populations that excel at preparing students for college and careers. AF Bushwick earned special credit for making outstanding gains with special education students.
  • AF Brownsville also received an A for two consecutive years on the NYC DOE Progress Reports and was recognized for making higher-than-average gains in math and English Language Arts.
  • We announced our first class of 52 “Distinguished Teachers” in Achievement First’s Teacher Career Pathway, which has been nationally recognized by both the New Teacher Project and the Aspen Urban Superintendents Network as one of the most promising teacher evaluation and career paths in the country.
  • There is high—and increasing—demand from our families and communities for more Achievement First schools. Across all of our schools, we received an average of seven enrollment forms for every available seat.
  • We have been working hard to address issues of diversity and inclusiveness. We increased the percentage of new teachers and school leaders identified as black, Latino or multiracial from 28 percent to 36 percent and, last year for the first time, we retained a higher percentage of our staff of color than our network average.
  • Across Achievement First’s Brooklyn schools, our more than 1,600 kindergarten, first and second graders outperformed 92 percent of their peers across the country in math.
  • Achievement First’s eighth graders outperformed affluent eighth graders in Rye by 13 percentage points on the New York State Test.
  • More than 90 percent of Achievement First New York high school students are proficient in history and math.
  • We now have a Common Core-aligned curriculum in place in all Connecticut and New York Achievement First schools. While there is still work to be done (notably in K-4 ELA), our schools now have a much better sense of the realistic college-ready bar.
  • Achievement First was named one of three finalists for the 2013 Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools. According to The Broad Foundation, Achievement First was selected, in part, because its “students performed better than their peers in school districts with similar income demographics in Connecticut and New York in all available comparisons—elementary, middle and high school reading, math and science in Connecticut, and elementary reading, math and science and middle school reading and math in New York.”
  • At AF Brooklyn High, graduates were accepted to an average of 6.7 colleges per student, and at AF Amistad High, 40 percent of the graduating class was admitted to colleges and universities considered “more selective” or “most selective” by U.S. News and World Report.
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