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Meet Jahki Manley: From AF Scholar to AF Dean! We’re thrilled to share Jahki’s inspiring journey from being an Achievement First student to becoming a Dean of Students. His story embodies resilience, dedication, and the power of an AF education. Check out our latest blog post at the link in our bio to learn more about his path and how he’s giving back to our community.
From basketball and soccer to music and dance, @af_camp has so many activities to try and love this summer!

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This past year, Achievement First set off on an exciting journey to adopt and implement high-quality instructional materials that are proven to improve student outcomes. In our latest blog post, AF Providence Academy MS educator Margaret McDowell shares her experience with implementing Wit & Wisdom, a literacy program that is known for improving learning outcomes. Discover how her innovative approach with this curriculum reinvigorated and strengthened student learning this year. Read the full story at the link in our bio to learn more about the impactful changes and insights from this dedicated educator, and look out for more stories on great learning at AF!

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