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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welco​me to Achievement First ​Co-​teaching Hub​

Reso​urces to g​uide, e​nhance and ​inspire co-teaching across our network.​ ​

​Co-Teaching is a special education service delivery option, a way to provide students with disabilities the special instruction to​ which they are entitled while ensuring that they can access the general education curriculum in the least restrictive en​vironment.

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Co-Teaching at AF

At Achievement First, we are building an inclusive environment to ensure all scholars are able to achieve academically and behaviorally at high levels. Co-teaching is one vehicle for reaching inclusiveness. Additionally, co-teaching allows teachers to collect more data, provide more feedback, and offer more targeted support to lead students to the same rigorous academic and behavioral outcomes. It encompasses several proactive structures to respond to student struggles before that struggle manifests on a unit test or IA.

Co-teaching Key Indicators of Excellence

Co-Teaching Models


​The teachers split the class into two equal groups and teach the same lesson to both groups.



​The teachers BOTH deliver the same lesson at the same time.





Using recent data, one teacher pulls a subset of students within the general class. Depending on the student needs, the teacher of the small group.




One teacher teaches while the other teacher circulates to shorten the feedback loop during CFUs.



In ADDITION to co-teaching a lesson (using one or more of the models above), one teacher pulls a group of student and provides additional instruction outside of classroom time.




Co-Teaching Models