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Achievement First Achievement First

Co-te​achin​​g Hub for School Leaders

​This site will provide you with the resources that you need to lead co-teaching at your school.


SummerPreparing for the Start of School

Co-teacher BOY Expectations Meeting

Co-teacher working relationship

Systems and structures​



Week 1-6Week 1-6: Core Culture Foundation

Both teachers have a presence in the class

Normalizing movement into groups​



Week7-11Week 7-11: Ratio, Program Fidelity/FOI

Using Co-teaching predominantly for academic support

Using various models of co-teaching to target support​



Week 12: Thinking Made Visible through Active Listening

Data-driven co-teaching to create targeted supports



Week 13-17: Meeting Goals

High-impact small groups within Co-teaching

Planning for co-teaching in 16-17’​


Week 18-31Week 18-31: Aggressive Monitoring, Weekly Quizzes, Strong Interventions

​Data-Driven Co-teaching to create targeted supports and provide feedback

High-impact small groups within co-teaching​




Recommendations for Supporting Co-Teaching:

Accountability structure