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Melissa Dec 21, 2023

‘Tis the season of celebration, and here at Achievement First, we have many reasons to celebrate. We are always grateful for the hard work and dedication of our staff and community members, and we’re incredibly proud when their effort gets the attention it deserves. Over the past few months, each of our regions has been featured in the news, highlighting the incredible impact Achievement First is making in our communities and showcasing the enriching educational experience we provide our students. In Rhode Island, the local ABC affiliate covered our ribbon-cutting ceremony for our state-of-the-art new building at Providence High School. The event featured student performances, tours of the 75,000-square-foot space, and rousing speeches by Providence Mayor Brett Smiley and Principal Aja Davis. As Principal Davis said, “The building's footprint creates a collegiate feel for students, fostering student independence to navigate to and from classes, small group spaces for independent study, and separate wings for arts and activities based instruction. The school has generated pride for our students, faculty, and the AFRI community.” In Connecticut, a reporter from the New Haven Independent observed Charity Ann Chambers’ algebra class at Amistad High School and wrote about her excellent work in making math come alive for her students. The story illustrates Ms. Chambers’ unique ability to inspire and motivate her students to develop a love of mathematics. “Students left their Wednesday classroom, giving Chambers high fives. “You crushed it today,” she said. “I’m proud of you.” One ninth-grader, Kam, told Chambers about his growing confidence in math with her help. “I surprised myself today,” he said.  In New York, Brooklyn News12 showcased AF Brooklyn High School’s steel pan band, Pulse. We are proud to have the only high school steel pan band in New York City. The story focused on the power of music to uplift students and instill cultural pride. The segment featured interviews with students, Principal Damen Scott, and the outstanding leader of the band, music teacher Mr. Rose. As the story says, the band has become “a symbol of unity and cultural representation.” We’re so glad that television viewers and news readers across our three regions are getting the opportunity to learn about the power of an AF education. Whether it’s a brand new facility in Providence, powerful academic instruction in New Haven, or beautiful music-making in New York, the common thread in these stories is Achievement First is going above and beyond to provide a well-rounded education to our students.  Check out these other pieces that our faculty and staff have been featured in or written:

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