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Karina Sumano Oct 3, 2018

AF Bushwick Middle fifth-grader Kavon was one of TWO AF scholars recently selected to participate in the BET Digital Series “Are You Kidding Me?” an educational news program featuring children’s perspectives on topics related to politics, media and pop culture. We sat down with Kavon to hear more about him and his experience. Tell us about yourself. What are you favorite things to do inside and outside of school? I am a very fun person, and I’m very smart. I like to act. I also really like to learn, I love school. My favorite subject has to be math. We’re learning how to subtract decimals and fractions, and I know math teaches you skills you need in life, like how to pay bills. My favorite thing to do outside of school is play basketball, I like playing point guard and shooting guard. You were picked for this BET series in part because you know a lot about current events. What’s one that you care a lot about? Something I care a lot about is DACA. I know Donald Trump wants to cancel it and make it harder for people from Mexico and around the world to come here. I think that’s wrong because everyone needs to have opportunity. I have family outside of the USA, and it breaks my heart that (DACA & other immigration policies) could mean I won’t see them as often, because they’re my family. Your passion is one reason everyone knew you’d be great for the show. What else made you ready for the experience? When I was in fourth grade at AF Bushwick Elementary I used to host the special events, like Latino History celebrations and Black History celebrations. I also did a Black History Month commercial with my cousin. My favorite part about acting is the chance to be on TV because I love being known. What was it like to be a part of the BET digital series? The BET experience was amazing. I got to meet other kids and make friends. I was a little scared at first—there were a lot of cameras. As it kept going I liked it more, once I saw my friends I felt very calm. I liked talking about the topics. We talked about how important it is to save money and have an education. We also got to sit in front of a green screen and talk about everyone’s perspectives and how they changed throughout the process. That’s amazing! What’s next for you? What do you want to be when you grow up? My future is definitely in acting. An actor that I really want to be like is Chris Tucker – I want to be funny like him and I also want to be in action movies. I want to become an actor, have a great house, take care of my family, and be successful in life. We know there’s bright things ahead for Kavon! Watch him in the BET digital series here. And check out our blog post on his co-star, AF Aspire Elementary student Nevaeh.

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