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Karina Sumano Oct 18, 2018

AF Aspire Elementary fourth-grader Navaeh was one of TWO AF scholars recently selected to participate in the BET Digital Series “Are You Kidding Me?” an educational news program featuring children’s perspectives on topics related to politics, media and pop culture. We sat down with Navaeh to hear more about her. Tell us about yourself. What's your favorite subject? Your favorite thing to do outside of school? I’m 9 years old, and I’m in 4th grade. My favorite subject is math. My favorite thing in math is multiplication. Outside of school, I like getting my nails and hair done, and I like acting! I have a lot of family on my dad’s side, and we hang out on the weekends. What’s something that you care a lot about? I care about learning history—like what it was like for black and white people in the past. History is important because it tells me what my ancestors did, and I learn how people were treated back then, and how it’s different today. It was harder for people to get what they wanted in the past, and sometimes they couldn’t even get what they needed. We heard that you just appeared in this BET digital series! What was that experience like? When I got there, they directed me, and they wanted us to meet everyone—the other kids and the people working on the show at BET. It was cool! I was on the green screen—they told me it would be a background, but it only looked green to me. When the cameras are rolling, you can still ask the director questions. I talked a lot about my school, and I said I loved my school and my principal. They asked who my favorite teacher is, but I couldn’t pick one because I have a lot of favorite teachers—like Ms. Brown. She’s the best. What’s next for you? What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be an actor and move to Hollywood. I will come back to New York to visit people and donate money to important charities. I want to be a celebrity who doesn’t act too fancy—I want to give back and takes pictures with my fans. I haven’t been in any plays or anything yet, but I’m getting a headshot taken next week! That’s so cool! Last question, Navaeh: What’s one thing you want your future fans to know? I want to tell my fans that my favorite colors are pink and blue, and that they should stay in school! That’s great advice! Thanks for talking with us—and we can’t wait to see where your journey takes you! Check Navaeh out in the BET digital series here - the last episode comes out this weekend. You can also read this blog post on her co-star, AF Bushwick Middle fifth-grader Kavon.

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