Amanda Apr 21, 2021

So many of us are very ready for the change. This is the season for springing into action. We all know the COVID-19 pandemic has forced varying degrees of isolation and staying put. Now, the vaccine and gradual re-opening plans have given way to the spirit of moving forward.  What exactly does springing into action look like, in a year unlike any other?

It means springing into action for yourself and your family.

This is a time for taking care of yourself and the people you love—mentally, spiritually, and physically. Do you feel the pull to talk to a therapist or mental health practitioner, but you’ve been putting it off? Now’s the time to make that telehealth appointment. Do you need to unplug in order to re-charge?  Book that COVID-safe getaway. What does your family need to feel connected and whole? We can find ways to explore our interests together outdoors or in small, low-risk groups.

It means springing into action for community. And country.

We spring into action because we feel called. For many of us, that call has been amplified by George Floyd’s murder, or by Derek Chauvin’s trial. It reverberates with the hundreds of years of prior injustice as well as the persistent and violent racism our country visits upon our Black, Latinx and Asian-American people. We hear that call and we respond with action. For some of us that means protesting, volunteering, donating, advocating—all of these, or some of these, or something different or more. We can find causes that matter to us, and we can spring into action to enhance the collective work most important to us, too.

Springing into action for our world.

We can act both locally AND globally. We can spring into action to fight world hunger and climate change, to help international communities ravaged by war or natural disaster. And, we can also champion environmentalism, public health or economic freedom.  No action is to small. We can spring into action to make a difference. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated local, national and global challenge. And now, we know how connected we all truly are. We can, and must, spring into action together. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with our updates.  

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