Dominic Jul 1, 2022

Though ‘going forward’ was challenging during an unprecedented high school experience, the Class of 2022 persevered. And in doing so, they made our school communities - both online and in-person - come alive. Family and friends filled auditoriums, roaring applause echoed in gymnasiums, and tears (of joy) came over hundreds of loved ones. The cause for celebration? The Class of 2022 and their collective journey, achievements, and bright future. A couple of months ago, we welcomed back a cherished, in-person Achievement First tradition: Senior Signing Day. Like the Class of 2021, this year’s batch of graduating seniors proved that anything is possible.

With the academic year completed, we at Achievement First couldn’t be more proud of our graduating seniors - all 543 in the Class of 2022.

Howard University, Stanford University, and Harvard University are just a few prestigious institutions that will welcome AF graduates this fall. A handful of our graduating seniors also plan to pursue their electrical, mechanic, and cosmetic dreams at postsecondary educational institutions. Seniors like Angelina, who attended AF University Prep High School in Brooklyn, took this moment (Senior Signing Day) to reflect and show gratitude to those who encouraged, supported, and mentored her. Since she began her AF journey in kindergarten, Angelina’s teachers and advisors always made sure she felt encouraged and supported. Wherever Angelina’s dreams take her, whatever challenges are thrown her way, she knows that she will be successful. “I don't just want to be successful for me, but for my family who worked hard for me to get here, I think that was super important,” she says. “There was never a moment where I did not know where I was heading towards. It was super inspiring to know that there is an end goal. Having that mindset is going to travel with me when I go to the University of Rochester.”

Our mission at Achievement First is to prepare our students to deepen their knowledge and excel in college and life.

The Class of 2022 certainly developed commitment, curiosity, and collective knowledge. Now it is time to do the latter: excel and chase their dreams. These graduating seniors’ stories are just beginning. And if the Class of 2022’s AF journey has foreshadowed anything, it is that they will make a difference in the world and boldly pursue whatever they want to be.

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