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David May 3, 2021

Happy Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

This school year has been unlike any other. You have had to navigate remote learning, hybrid learning, and all the complexities that come with it—all amid the personal, national and worldwide challenges of this past year. And through it all, you’ve shown up for our kids, day after day, week after week, in this incomparable school year. You worked tremendously hard to make sure our students feel loved and supported. We want to take this moment to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to making this school year a success. You found ways to bring our school community online. In this remote world, you’ve built a supportive environment for our scholars to keep learning, and to stay engaged with their vibrant school community.  From launching chess and stock market workshops to creating a virtual baking club for our students to having scholars create signs to illustrate their thoughts about making change in the world; you learned new technical skills to make the most out of Zoom and other tech platforms, and most importantly you checked in with scholars outside the classroom to make sure that they were okay. In our schools, students know they are safe, loved and learning—and that is because of you.

Our scholars come to class with smiles on their faces all because of YOU and the support you provide them in and out of the classroom.


Thank you for all the work you put into lesson planning to ensure our students receive a high-quality education remotely. Thank you for taking the time to learn the complexities of Zoom to improve the remote learning experience for our scholars. Thank you for all the extra hours you put after school to support our scholars and help them with any personal or academic needs. Thank you for making sure our scholars feel loved, supported, and safe. Thank you for the input, feedback, and recommendations you have provided to help improve our remote learning, as well as our in-person reopening process for all our students and staff. Above all, thank you for embodying our core values each and every day and helping our kids learn, laugh, and grow every day. We are so grateful to work alongside such passionate, hardworking, compassionate, creative, and caring educators. Across our Network Support team, everyone feels the same way. Please click below for some notes of gratitude from members across our AF team & family at Network Support—they said it even better than us! Teacher and All Instructional Staff Appreciation Padlet With love, Steph, Rich, and Dacia

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