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Amanda Jun 23, 2021

The last 15 months have taught us many lessons – perhaps, most of all, that we cannot know what the future holds. As our 452 seniors graduate from our five high schools in New York and Connecticut and step out into the world, we do know one thing for sure: they can do anything. Because the pandemic has also taught us that anything is possible. And the Class of 2021 has proven it. This is a group of seniors whose high school experience, as they knew it, changed abruptly one day in March of their junior year. For most of them, their entire senior year of high school was a remote experience. It was unprecedented. And they are unparalleled. This is a class who not only conquered online classes in literature, science and mathematics, they met for virtual clubs, enrichment, and student-led debates about health care and human rights. Together with their teachers and leaders, they made our school communities come alive online. They brightened our Zoom rooms with their intellect, their curiosity, and their commitment to never giving up.  More than any other class before them, the Class of 2021 has together faced adversity. More than any other class before them, the class of 2021 has persevered. We are so proud of who they are and what they’ve done. And, we're proud of them for chasing the dreams they will now boldly pursue. Wherever those dreams take them, whatever challenges are thrown their way, we know that this class has what it takes to make it through. They have shown us, every day. For the Class of 2021, anything is possible.

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