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Tolu Aug 25, 2023


Dear Achievement First Community,

We are excited to update you on the status of our CEO search. As you are well aware, this year marked the launch of a nationwide search to find our next Chief Executive Officer. Given AF’s mission and values, high standard, and the complexity of our organization's geographical reach and size, we knew that finding the ideal candidate would be a daunting task. Despite hundreds of applicants, the board and the CEO Search Committee concluded that the right successor for this critical role had not yet emerged. Our search in no way slowed our organization’s momentum toward realizing its mission. In the past year, we have refocused our efforts around our core purpose of providing an excellent education to our students. We have raised the academic rigor in our classrooms, created new systems to improve operational efficiency, and channeled additional resources to our schools.  While these accomplishments have been a collective effort, Interim CEO Lisa Margosian’s more than two-dozen years of experience leading mission-driven nonprofits—including Ascend Public Charter Schools, KIPP Foundation, and the Girl Scouts of America—have been instrumental in achieving these milestones. Recognizing both the needs of the organization and the momentum this team has built, the AF Network Board evaluated many possibilities. We realize the need to continue with a trusted, proven leader as we strategically plan for the future. After thorough consideration and with full support from the Operating Team, the board extended an invitation to Lisa to transition from Interim CEO to CEO, allowing her to continue building upon the strong foundation she and the team have established. With great enthusiasm, we are able to share that Lisa has accepted our offer to lead as Chief Executive Officer.

Simultaneous to Lisa’s appointment, we will work with her to plan for her eventual successor. Before they step into the role, they will work closely with the organization, learning from Lisa and other AF leaders in order to deepen their insights into the CEO’s responsibilities.

Acknowledging Lisa’s tremendous contribution to shaping AF’s future is of paramount importance to us. The term “interim” conveys a sense of transition and impermanence. However, Lisa's leadership has propelled us beyond a mere transition and guided our community to a new level. We are so excited to see what the AF team will continue to accomplish with her as CEO. We are grateful for our exceptional AF community, from school leaders, teachers, and students, to the Operating Team and network team, to our partners and advocates. Each day, inspiring people drive us toward the realization of our mission. As we embark on a new school year, our optimism about AF’s future is boundless. Please join us in congratulating Lisa! Warm regards, Andrew Boas, Chair of AF Network Board Ariela Rozman, Vice Chair of AF Network Board

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