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School Leadership at Achievement First

At Achievement First, we know a dynamic school leadership team is vital when it comes to fulfilling our mission of providing and excellent and equitable education to all of our scholars. We are looking for school leaders with proven track-records of inspiring teachers and scholars to exceptional outcomes to join our team and family. Read on to learn more.

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Leading with Achievement First

We believe that behind every excellent and equitable school is a team of dynamic leaders supporting their teachers, students, and community. For this reason, each fully scaled Achievement First school has a robust team consisting of a Principal, at least one Academic Dean, at least one Dean of School Culture and a Director of Special Services. Our leaders, together with teachers and families, ensure that all students show dramatic student achievement gains and develop strong character skills necessary for success in college and beyond. While each Achievement First school offers the leadership positions listed above, exact responsibilities vary based on the talent, experiences and interests of individual team members.

Do you want to hear from a few school leaders about their personal experiences with school leadership at Achievement First? Click here!

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    • Principals are responsible for the overall vision and management of their schools. They are charged with leading academic initiatives and programs related to school culture that will lead to student achievement and a strong school culture. Principals also oversee the professional development of all instructional staff and coach a portfolio of teachers and deans. If you’re interested in becoming a principal with Achievement First, read about our Principal-in-Residence program below.


Click here to learn about our Principals-in-Residence


    • The principal-in-residence program is a two-year residency for future principals to grow, plan and learn as they prepare to lead an Achievement First school. Principals-in-residence are part of a cohort that provides many opportunities to collaborate, learn and exchange best practices throughout the two years. Click here to learn more. We will post openings on our careers page as soon as they become available.


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    • The Deans of School Culture lead schoolwide efforts to build and maintain a strong, positive, achievement-oriented school culture where scholars grow in a warm and joyful environment. They coach a portfolio of teachers and frequently assumes ownership of a particular subject or grade level. View the full job description or start your application here!


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    • Deans of Special Services drive ambitious student achievement by overseeing the IEP process and special services delivery, serving as a liaison to the local special education authority and managing the learning specialists, interventionists and special education teachers at the school and reports to the school-site principal. View the full job description or start your application here 


Diversity & Inclusiveness

At Achievement First, we believe that achieving educational equity in our country is an economic and moral imperative. Achievement First is committed to building a diverse and inclusive team of individuals who, through their talent, experiences, commitment and understanding of both student needs and effective teaching, can ensure all of our students receive the excellent education they deserve.

Hear from members of the Achievement First Team and Family about why diversity and inclusiveness is one of our top priorities as a network by clicking here.

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If you have any additional questions about school leadership at Achievement First or the application process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Director of School Leader Recruitment, Hallie Slamowitz, at

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