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The Residency Program for School Leadership (RPSL) is an alternate route to administration and supervision (092) certification. RPSL was formed in 2011 as part of a groundbreaking collaboration between traditional public school districts and Achievement First to develop strong leaders for the highest-need schools in Connecticut.

The Residency Program is based on Achievement First’s instructional practices, school leader professional development, and evaluation practices and is anchored in the theory and practices of emotionally intelligent leadership. We’ve trained over forty school leaders across CT in traditional public and charter schools. The Residency Program is now open to all CT certified teachers.

Through the Residency Program for School Leadership’s alternate route to administrator certification, certified teachers and teacher leaders become the next generation of school leaders, driving powerful impact in the schools that need them the most.
The year-long Residency Program’s 092 Certification combines experiential learning, innovative workshops and individualized coaching to provide participants with the essential skills needed to be dynamic and effective school leaders.

Residency participants will:

  • Strengthen their instructional expertise and leadership through deep dives into observation and feedback, data-driven instruction, and cultivating rigorous planning
  • Deepen their knowledge and skill in the areas of emotionally intelligent leadership, adaptive change leadership, team building, and individual capacity building
  • Develop robust data practices that drive academic success
  • Create a plan for ensuring an equitable and accessible school community
  • Improve their ability to effectively communicate an inspirational vision to a variety of stakeholders

We will provide:

  • Onsite Residency Practicum and Support: Residents remain in their current school during the residency year and are given specific leadership responsibilities to develop their leadership expertise.
  • Individualized Coaching and Mentoring: Participants receive a full year of monthly coaching by a program leadership coach around core leadership competencies. Residents are also mentored by a principal from their district.
  • Blended Learning Seminars: Bi-weekly evening seminars (in person and virtual) during the residency year provide training and practice in key areas of school leadership, including instruction, staff leadership, direction-setting and vision creation.
  • Experiential School Visits: Residents visit high performing district and charter schools during the residency year for targeted observation and to learn best practices in organizational and instructional leadership.


Connect with the Residency Program

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• Tuesday, February 28, 4:30pm – 5:30pm
• Thursday, March 16, 4:30pm – 5:30pm

You can watch a previously recorded webinar about the program here!

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Program Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree from an institution of higher education accredited by the Board of Governors for Higher Education or a regionally accredited body.
  • A current CT teaching certificate.
  • At least 40 school months (four years) of teaching experience, of which at least 10 school months are in a position requiring certification at a public school in Connecticut or another state.


The Residency Program is accepting application for the 2017-18 cohort. To apply to the Residency Program, please complete the application. This includes three parts:

  • Submission of supplemental information

      o Current professional resume
      o Two professional recommendations
      o Three professional references
      o All academic transcripts, including undergraduate and graduate programs (non-original copies are accepted)
      o Copy of teacher certification
      o Connecticut State Department of Education ED 126 Form – Statement of Professional Experience
         completed by human resources (Grid ONLY)

Applications due April 3.

Residency Program for School Leadership FAQs

Who is eligible to participate in the Residency Program?

Certified teachers in the state of Connecticut who will have at least 4 years of experience teaching with at least 10 school months in a position requiring certification by the end of the 16-17 school year.

What does the program consist of and what are the program dates for the upcoming year?

The Residency Program is an intense, one-year 092 Alternate Route to Certification program designed to provide new insight and learning for future school leaders. The program includes the following components: one intensive summer skill-building workshop series; ongoing school observations and experiences; evening leadership workshops (some in person, some virtual) taught by expert practitioners; and monthly individualized coaching sessions. The 2017-18 Residency Program cohort will begin its training in August 2017 and will end in June 2018.

How do participants complete the residency portion of their training?

Participants will remain in their current schools during the program year, and will work with the program coach and their principal to identify the required leadership experiences and projects for completion of the program. Residents will also be exposed to and build skill in Achievement First best practices, through targeted visits to Achievement First schools.

What does the Residency training consist of?

Training will consist of various learning experiences, including summer training, evening seminars, school-day best practice observations, and a variety of project-based assessments. Residents will participate in approximately 3 days of summer training, 2 evening seminars per month, and spend a total of 4-5 days (in monthly self-scheduled visits of 2-4 hours) outside their buildings during the school day.

What commitments are needed from a resident’s supervisory principal?

An important part of a resident’s learning will happen through experiences at his/her school site. Given this, each participant’s principal will be asked to commit to supporting the resident’s development by offering additional leadership opportunities and providing access for the program’s coach to meet with participants at schools. More information about supervisory commitments can be found with the Residency Program application.

Will residents continue to receive full salary and benefits from their host district or organization?

Yes, Residency Program participants remain employees of their current employer and will remain in their current schools while completing the residency year. Benefits will remain constant.

Will all district residents retain their tenure and union coverage?

Yes, participants from traditional districts continue to be employees of the district from which they come. Consequently, they will retain all district benefits.

What is the cost for participation in the Residency Program?

Tuition for the program is $10,000 for the year, a significant savings (and in approximately half the time) of most traditional 092 certification programs. Payment may be made in one lump sum at the beginning of the program, in two equal payments (at the beginning and in the middle of the program), or in 10 monthly installments. Candidates should pursue financing options directly through their own financial institution.