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The Achievement First Approach: Curriculum and Instruction

At Achievement First schools, our instruction hinges on one audacious goal—outstanding student achievement.

To support this goal, we set rigorous standards for our students and provide high-quality curriculum and ongoing professional development. Our teachers regularly analyze student data to drive our daily instruction and long-term planning. We ensure that every student achieves.

Our Curriculum & Instruction

At Achievement First, state standards are the floor, not the ceiling. From this base, we work to build our rigorous standards and curricula, which are backwards-mapped against end-of-year standards and vertically aligned to advanced college-readiness standards.
The Achievement First family (teachers, principals, deans, coaches and a curriculum team) works together so teachers have a deep reserve of best practices and high-quality curriculum resources at their fingertips.

Our School Culture

Our schools thrive based on high expectations and warm, loving environments with a deep commitment to learning, rigor, joy, character development, structure and strong relationships with teachers, leaders and families.