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Karina Sumano May 10, 2019

It’s 7 a.m. Your lessons are planned, your lunch is packed, and you’re ready to go. Grab those ear buds and plug in, because we’ve compiled 36 of the best psych-up songs, straight from the playlists of some of AF’s most-experienced teachers. Before you press play, find out from a few folks why they picked their songs. Allie Barsamian, music and drama teacher at AF East New York Middle Pump-up jam: Black Gold by Esperanza Spalding Why did you choose this song? Not only is Esperanza an amazing musician and a female double bass player, but also the song discusses the power and strength of being Black...and it’s extremely funky! Anita Purcell, music teacher at AF University Prep High Pump-up jam: Get Up by Mary Mary Why did you choose this song? The lyrics get my mind energized and focused to attack the day! Gregory Veteri, physical education teacher at AF Bridgeport Elementary Pump-up jam: Better Now by Post Malone Why did you choose this song? This song gets me energetic, and also my daughters really enjoy this song. So when I listen to it on my way to or coming from work, I think of them. Hannah Madoff, 11th grade math teacher at AF East Brooklyn High Pump-up jam: Wake Up Everybody by John Legend (feat. Common and Melanie Fiona) Why did you choose this song? This song reminds me of my first year teaching and reminds me of the importance of the work we do every day. Luz Tavarez, fitness teacher at AF Apollo Elementary Pump-up jam: Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony Why did you choose this song? This is the first song that I taught our AF Apollo kindergarteners to perform. It talks about how we should laugh, dance, and live life happily, which is what I tell our scholars everyday. You can accomplish everything in life by looking at the bright side of things and living life to the fullest. So turn the volume up! Sing along! Dance like nobody's watching (that is, right until your kiddos see you through the door... #TeachersArePeopleToo). Check out our full Classroom Champion playlist on Spotify. Thanks to all the distinguished and master teachers who helped us make this list! We are incredibly grateful for the hours and years of hard work you've invested in supporting our scholars. And CONGRATULATIONS to all of our newly named distinguished and master teachers! Master Teachers Hannah Madoff, Heather Rooney, Caitlin Hogan, Allison Soroka, Joseph Rabison, Claudio Cortina, Mandy Fraser, Erin LeRoy, Charity Frempomaa, Danielle Perkins, Brianna May, Justin Cox, Hope Fox, Mallory Bodhuin, Lenny Goldman, Jordan Hardy, Jeffrey Reamer, Oraina Simmons, Mycah Hogan, Sierra Strattner Distinguished Teachers Shantea Martin, Emmanuella Duroska, Torianna Merritt, Tianna Jeter, Kerrian Herry, Janella Cuyler, Chanee Cameron, Nora Krasniqi, Jessica Gowen, Benjamin McBride, Kelli Ali, Zachary Gooch, Laura Eber, Luz Tavarez, Alexander Andrews, Marjorie Purcell, D'Asia Adger, Jennifer Bernier, Rebecca Millard, Jennifer Sessano, Keba Ambrose, Susie Kim, Laura Payne, Gabriel Felder, Jaime McKenna, Lauren Heath, Alexandra Seifert, Shaniece Hammond, Carol Weiss, Joanna Hewitt, Aimee Seitz, Najayra Rogers, Kimberly Alpert, Gabriel Hamilton, Colby Rutherford, Cassandra Vigouroux, Jody Langan, Kathryn Shimko, Hannahrose Robinson, Courtney Bethel, Martin Palamore, Victoria Colter, Jennifer Alexis, Melanie Green, Ashley Michel, David Vandrilla, Serena Barton, Shannon Mason, Gregory Veteri, Tashia Bernadel Cruz, Mirljinda Krivca, Linda Clayton, Lymarie Torres, Kimberly Andrews, Hannah Horvath, Amanda Kirk, Dameka Davis, Caitlin McGurk, Serena Johnson, Tina Wright, Laneka Walker, Laura Niquez, Michelle Montero, Christine Torres, Molly Breslin, Caroline Davis, Amanda Machado, Lindsey Niehoff

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