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Karina Sumano Feb 5, 2019

To celebrate Black History Month, we’re sharing how our scholars and teachers are making history. First up is Iyiola from Achievement First Providence Mayoral Academy Elementary Hi Iyiola! Can you tell us how old you are and what your favorite subject is? Hi! I’m in second grade, and I’m 8 years old. I have to say my favorite subject is probably math. I like learning different things and getting to do hard math problems. What do you think people should know about Black history? Before slavery, in Africa, black people were very powerful. They were rulers! But then visitors came and wanted to steal their power. What do you like the most about learning Black history? My favorite thing is that I get to learn it with other people! Good learners share what they’re learning with others. Did you know there is still slavery today? I don’t like it. All people should be equal. How will you make history? I want to help the environment and make the world a better place. The environment these days is horrible. I would also like to do food drives. Maybe I could try to be president. I would say that earth day is Every Day! Iyiola, when you run for president, you have our vote. Stay tuned throughout February for more reflections.

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