Leonore Sep 6, 2018

Today, we're sitting down with AF Brooklyn High alumna Imini, who's taking on New York City.  Tell us about yourself! What have you been up to since graduating? Hello, my name is Imini! I'm a Brooklyn native, and I started going to Achievement First in 2007 in 5th grade. After I graduated from AF Brooklyn High, I went on to attend SUNY Delhi and earned my associate's degree in Business Administration. I decided to come back to NYC to explore different business ventures, and I'm currently working on going to school to get my bachelor's degree. Why did you choose Business Administration for your major? I chose business administration for my associate's and will pursue business marketing for my bachelor's because I believe there's so much to do and expand on if you have a base of business knowledge. Business majors can choose a variety of career paths, from accounting, to management, real estate, or any path, even opening up your own. What is your favorite thing about college? My favorite thing about college is focusing on topics that specifically interest me. My last semester in Delhi, my professor gave the class a hand-on group project about promoting a product. I enjoyed keeping track of sales, coming up with a logo and name for the product, and managing a social media account. Other than that, I also enjoy the independent feel of attending college. College has taught me a lot about myself and how I approach the real world on my own. How did Achievement First prepare you for college? Achievement First prepared me by helping me develop the habits and skills I need in the business world. For example, I learned to constantly advocate for myself, along with networking and keeping organized with email and such. What are you favorite things to do these days? My favorite activity is appreciating being in the city and having access to so many resources, like our amazing museums. I love enjoying every moment of life. What do you want to pursue after college? After I accomplish my goals for college, I would love to become either a fashion buyer or part of the management team for a high-end fashion brand. If you could go back in time and give yourself advice, what would you say?  If I could go back in time, I would go specifically back to freshman year of college and tell myself not to be afraid to check in with my professors outside of the classroom. Thanks, Imini! That sounds like great advice. Good luck with everything!

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