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Amanda Nov 23, 2021

As we approach Thanksgiving, we enter the traditional season of gratitude. And we know there is nothing traditional about this season. Last school year, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, we were blown away by how our school community rose to the many challenges we faced. Since March 2020, we’ve found out what perseverance looks like. It looks like our teachers and leaders doing everything in their power to make sure the strength of the AF school community -- whether remote or in-person -- stays strong. We watched our teachers support students in overcoming the unprecedented obstacles before them. And, when we brought our schools back together in fall 2021, our teachers and leaders worked together to ensure our students’ needs were addressed so they can best learn and grow. We continue to do so, every day. There aren’t adequate words to express our gratitude for what our teachers and leaders have done this year. At AF, and at schools across our country, our educators are so deserving of this season of gratitude.

A season of gratitude for our teachers and leaders

Your passion for the work and for supporting the 15,000 kids we are honored to serve is unparalleled. Your dedication to our sacred mission and how you’ve innovated to ensure we deliver with excellence are astounding. Thank you.

And for teachers and leaders everywhere

This message is for you: For every time you’ve catalyzed a “light bulb” moment in our classrooms, thank you. And everything you’ve done to keep your school buildings warm, inviting places where all kids know they are safe, loved, and learning, thank you. For everything that might go unseen in the moment, we see you and we thank you. This Thanksgiving and all year long, we are immeasurably grateful for what our educators are doing for kids every single day.

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