photo of kids holding hands

This Thanksgiving, we are immeasurably grateful for our community. Our teachers, students, families, leaders, and staff members make what we do every day possible. That’s especially true this year. Our gratitude is immense. 

For Our Families and Students, Our Partners

Our families continued to trust us with the sacred responsibility of their children’s education at a time when school looks so very different than it does every year. Our students have shown up, and we don’t just mean through the 95% daily attendance we’ve averaged during the pandemic. They’ve persisted and engaged and continued to bring their boundless curiosity, brilliant energy, and enthusiasm for learning to school every day. We could not be more proud, or more thankful.

For Our Teachers, Leaders & Staff

We’re grateful to our teachers and leaders, who have shown up for kids—online and in person—in ways big and small. They’ve created a school environment where our kids know they are safe, loved, known and learning, whether they are in their classroom or their living room. They have been there, and  continue to be there, when it matters most. Our gratitude runs incredibly deeply, we are thankful.

For our Entire AF Family

Together, we have all have helped set the national standard for what is possible in K-12 education.

We have done this when the weight of the pandemic and the constant barrage of racist injustice in this country felt like too much. We’ve done it because our belief in the mission and in our scholars is unwavering, and because of our bravery, strength, and dedication to fighting for something better.

We are a part of a group of people who continually push themselves, their schools, their organization, and their country to improve. And for that, we are incredibly thankful. Today, and every day, thank you deeply.

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