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David Aug 19, 2021

The sun begins to set a bit earlier, the temperature slowly drops, and families gradually return from their summertime getaways. These are all signs the school season is upon us. While there are still a few more weeks left until our scholars are back in the classroom, now is the perfect time to prepare for their first day of school. We've put together a list of practical tips to help our families start the new school year off on the right foot. Check them out below. Do you have helpful back-to-school tips you'd like to share? Email them to us at, and we'll add them to our list next year.

Start a bedtime and morning routine.

During summer break, parents and guardians tend to be lenient with their kids' bedtimes. And, they should! It's summer break, after all. A grumpy and groggy scholar won't be attentive or productive at school, so start easing your little one back into a bedtime and morning routine. You can start slowly by incrementally setting them to bed and waking them up until they've adjusted. Here are some tips to help your scholar get back into a normal sleep schedule.

Preview the school year calendar.

Nothing is worse than forgetting when there's a half-day at your child's school or a parent-teacher conference. Make sure to get a copy of your school's calendar for the year, so you're up to date with all our scheduled holidays, special events, and other important dates. If you don't have a calendar, reach out to your child's school to get one. You can find a list of our schools here

Talk to your child about their goals for the year.

Part of having a successful school year is knowing your child's strengths and areas of improvement. Have an open and honest conversation with your scholar about which subject or activity they want to improve this school year. Let them know you and their teachers are there to help them improve. Connecting with them and understanding their goals will position you to be a source of support and motivation for them.

Make a commute to school plan.

This year, all of our students will be returning to school for in-person learning. Maybe subway trains are running on a modified schedule, maybe your scholar missed their bus, or maybe they're attending a brand new location -- your child should know how to get to and from their school. Practice traveling with them or create a plan on how they plan to go to and back from their school. 

Let them know it's OK to feel nervous.

It's been an unpredictable and challenging year for everyone. Going back to school can trigger anxiety for many, including our scholars. If your child feels nervous, reassure them that it's OK to feel their feelings and help them work through it. And, if you have questions or concerns, reach out to your school's main office for support.

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