Where does this fit into my work?

  • Deeply understanding the application of the shifts (focus, coherence and rigor) to the standards and instructional practices is a requisite for effectively driving student learning of the CCSS.
  • If we fail at teaching our students at a rigorous level, we are setting our students up for failure in college and careers.
  • Poverty and income are the determining factors in math opportunity to learn.
  • Math is the subject that determines whether or not kids grow up to be adults with choices.
  • There is a clear, purposeful progression of learning across and within grade levels described in the standards; therefore, mastery of prioritized grade level standards is a prerequisite for success in subsequent grade levels and therefore critical to our mission.

Supplemental Resources for School Leaders

Interested in delivering this professional development to your own staff? Below are the presentation materials used this summer during an Achievement First professional development for current school leaders. Please feel free to use these as resources to edit so that you can cater to your own school and staff.


Uri Treisman's "Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize" – NCTM 2013 from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.

  • Watch video from minute 8:10-19:13.
  • What are 3 key messages/takeaways from this film?              


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