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School Operations Careers at Achievement First

Achievement First's school operations teams are responsible for all matters of school administration that do not directly relate to instruction or student behavior, but are essential for effective day-to-day school operations. In traditional schools, these tasks can dominate the time of teachers and school leaders, taking critical time away from their ultimate goal of student achievement. Our school operations teams serve as the cornerstone of our approach by allowing school leaders to serve as true instructional leaders, spending the majority of their time observing and coaching teachers—and even teaching classes themselves.

Director of School Operations

The director of school operations designs and maintains smooth and efficient school-based systems and is responsible for all non-instructional services required to run the school. For example, she or he manages the day-to-day school financial operations, prepares the school campus for its launch year and each subsequent year, and administers critical data systems.

Director of School Operations Job Description

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Operations Associate

The operations associate is a critical member of the operations team, with dual responsibility for several aspects of the day-to-day administration of non-instructional student services and for ensuring data integrity across a number of AF systems. The operations associate reports to the director of school operations and works regularly with data system product managers at the Network Support office.

Operations Associate Job Description

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Office Coordinator

The office coordinator is the face of the Achievement First campus and a key member of the school’s operations team. The primary responsibility of the office coordinator is to operate a welcoming and efficient main office. The office coordinator works closely with the operations associate and reports to the director of school operations. The ideal candidate is a highly personable, systematic and extremely organized worker who deeply believes in the Achievement First school model and is committed to doing "whatever it takes" to close the achievement gap for AF students and families.

Office Coordinator Job Description

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