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Dominic Mar 18, 2022

Longer days and warmer weather: Let the countdown to spring recess begin! Spring break usually means school-age kids will be at home and have lots of free time on their hands. While your child hits the reset and rest buttons, they can also stay engaged with learning! Kids can get the most out of spring break (and the weeks leading up to it) with these activities and learning opportunities!

Ditch the Screen with Some (Green) Projects!

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers!” Our good friend, the sun, is back and ready to shine. Make the most of the longer days and sunshine by teaching your kids about the benefits of gardening! From the Milberger Nursery: Kids Will Learn Responsibility: Through gardening, your child will become well-versed in an activity that they can do on their own. They'll learn how to care for something on a daily basis and learn how to follow a checklist, which will benefit them when deadlines become important in school.

Road Trip…to Your Favorite Local Museum or Learning Center

Museums are popular destinations because every parent is looking for different ways to engage and educate their kids. Additionally, each museum is dedicated to different themes. You can likely find one for just about any interest area your kid may have. Oh and let’s not forget that going on a family trip to amazing places (like museums), create lasting memories! Here are some museums that will help kids stay engaged with learning: New York: American Museum of Natural History, The Bushwick Collective, and the Brooklyn Museum Connecticut: Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Mark Twain House, and the New Haven Museum Rhode Island: Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, RISD Museum, and the Providence Children’s Museum

Cook Up a Family Meal That Everyone Can Enjoy

Cooking (and eating) makes everyone feel good. Having your kids help in the kitchen will make them feel proud, important, and sometimes - creative! Additionally, helping with chores in the kitchen is a great way to teach your kids about teamwork. While you’re coming together to enjoy a delicious meal, this could also be a great opportunity to talk about healthier life choices and all the tips and tricks that will come in handy in the future. Getting Hungry? Not to worry, here are some family-friendly recipes to try!

Pop Some Corn and Get Ready for Movie Night!

As Messy Motherhood says, “During movie night, there is no fighting, just loving and laughing together.” Movie night not only brings everyone together but also prompts emotional bonding. According to, emotional bonding naturally opens the door to communication and discussion with your kids. They will feel much more inclined to share their opinions and various parts of their day with you. While movie night is a great way to experience a new film altogether, it’s also a great time to recommend classics to the next generation of movie lovers. Click here for some great movies to consider for your next family movie night! And if movies aren't your thing, maybe read these books as a family!

Pick Up Those Paint Brushes And Make Some Art!

According to the Artful Parent, there are multiple benefits of art for kids! Some include developing problem-solving abilities, creativity, literacy, emotional connections, and understanding. In addition to helping your young Monets and Kahlos develop these key developmental skills, a group art project gets everyone involved and contributes to something beautiful! Click here for some fun and colorful art projects to do with the family! Do you have a favorite activity for kids to stay engaged with learning? Send them to and we’ll add them to a future list!

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