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Achievement First Mar 22, 2017

Ahhhh winter. We love you. We really do. Hot chocolate, snow days, crisp morning walks, nights by the fire.   But really, March? Enough is enough.   You may not have noticed (because we had a blizzard last week and there're mountains of snow everywhere) but spring officially sprung on Monday. Believe it or not, you’ll soon be opening the windows, busting out the sunglasses and heading to brunch al fresco.   So here’s what you need to know about shaking off the winter blues and prepping for brighter, warmer days. 1. After 6 months of big bulky sweaters and fleece-lined pants as your teacher uniform, you’re ready to feel the sun.   But let’s face it - some upkeep might be needed. Head to the gym or add a workout to your routine for a little tune up. Maybe dancing on the way to school in the morning?   2. And don't forget some other areas that might need attention before you bust out the tank top and shorts...   Just sayin'. 3. Since we’re educators, we know that spring is the best time to head out to the park with a good book. Here’s a list of what some say are the top 50 greatest literary works of all time to add to your TBR pile. Others prefer a different type of reading material (and that's cool, too).   4. Spring is also the perfect time for a bike ride - let’s get those wheels turning! invite your co-teacher or grade-level team - it will help you defrost the limbs that haven't seen the light of day since October.   5. Finally, summer break will be here before you know it. When you're packing up your parkas, make sure your bathing suit is out of storage so you can hit the beach when the time comes.   Bring it, spring. We are beyond ready.   And then, soon enough...  

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