Remi knew he had to do everything he could to make sure his daughter, Solliat, had the best education possible. He and his wife enrolled her in a private school, but despite the money he spent, Remi felt his daughter still wasn’t getting access to the type of instruction she needed in order to succeed later in life. He knew he needed to find another option, so he entered Solliat in the lottery for so many public charter schools that he lost count. Then, he visited AF Endeavor Middle and had a conversation with a school leader. The decision to enroll Solliat in the school was instant. Remi was struck by the resources, curriculum, structure and approach that he found at Achievement First.

Solliat was initially reluctant to leave her old school, where she was excelling and had made great friends. Within three days of attending AF Endeavor Middle, she told her dad that she felt at home. Despite earning stellar grades in her old school, Solliat struggled with the more rigorous AF Endeavor Middle curriculum. Her teachers offered her the support she needed, and Solliat is now mastering her lessons. Remi, who attended private school in his native Nigeria, said he could not imagine his daughter attending a better school than AF Endeavor Middle.

Favorite aspect of Achievement First: “The environment is beautiful and the staff is nurturing and open. You can just look at the statistics and see how well these kids are doing.”

Proudest moment at Achievement First: “My proudest moment is seeing Solliat smile and say, ‘Yes daddy, now I understand it. My teachers have been helping me.'”

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