When Lissette’s oldest daughter, Tatianna, was in first grade at a traditional public school, Lissette saw she was struggling with her classwork and worried that she would fall through the cracks. Tatianna’s teachers weren’t open about her progress and told Lissette she would have to wait to voice her concerns during a 10-minute appointment at the school’s open house night. Lissette wasn’t satisfied; she wanted to make sure her children received the attention they deserved. A lifelong Brooklyn resident, Lissette did not know much about public charter schools until she received information about AF Crown Heights Elementary in the mail. She noticed how well Achievement First schools were doing and enrolled her children in the lottery.

At Achievement First, Lissette’s older children—Tatianna and Carlos—have found individualized extra help that has enabled them to excel. Her youngest child, Armando, has been given assignments that challenge him even when he is learning at a faster rate than his peers. Since they are learning in small groups tailored to their instructional levels, Lissette’s children are consistently showing academic progress. She is happy to see all three of her children engaged in their education and committed to a future as college graduates.

Favorite aspect of Achievement First: “My children will be able to use what they are learning as they grow to become successful adults. They understand how to approach people and how to carry on conversations about everything from current events to Greek mythology. Their vocabulary is amazing.”

Proudest moment at Achievement First: “I am most proud when I see my children talking to their friends about college. They are so goal-oriented. When their friends from other schools tell them they are late to class or are getting poor grades, Tatianna will say, ‘Is that grade good enough for you? What are your goals?'”

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