Jennifer has always excelled academically, but she hasn’t always been challenged by her studies. At Achievement First, Jennifer hasn’t been allowed to be complacent. Her work always forces her to think deeply, and her friends from her neighborhood are surprised by the collegiate nature of her assignments. She feels the rigorous environment in the school will give her “a leg up” when it is time for college, where she plans to study aerospace engineering.

Jennifer loves that she is involved in many aspects of AF Brooklyn High: she plays volleyball, serves as co-captain of the Latin Club and is secretary for the school’s student government. She especially enjoys the school’s pre-college programs, through which she has studied chemistry, Latin and architecture at Choate Rosemary Hall and has taken classes in debate and history at Princeton University. There, she learned to ask more probing questions, hone her skills in persuasive reasoning and manage the many time constraints found in a college environment.

Favorite aspect of Achievement First: “My favorite part of Achievement First is having a tight-knit community. In my advisory, we talk about academics, issues we are facing in our personal lives and our challenges. I feel like you can talk about anything.”

Proudest Moment at Achievement First: “My proudest moment was when I got the highest Latin score at AF Brooklyn High on the National Latin Exam. My parents came to the school to surprise me and to watch me get my award.”

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