As a member of Amistad Academy Middle’s first fifth-grade class, Albert often heard that the school aimed to develop leaders for our communities. It is a message he took to heart. While attending Wesleyan University, he served as a tutor for Amistad Academy students and as president and treasurer of Wesleyan’s Black and Latino Brotherhood. After graduating from college with a double major in psychology and economics, Albert returned to New Haven to work as a property manager at Sunrise Financial, LLC. There, he has standardized tenant placement procedures, coordinated maintenance requirements, organized inspections and helped the properties achieve record-low vacancy rates in his home city.

Although Albert last attended an Achievement First school in 2003, he never left the “Team & Family.” His Amistad Academy counselors helped him throughout his school career; he graduated from Notre Dame High in 2007 and completed a post-graduate year at Northfield Mount Hermon in 2008. His counselors also helped him select his “best-fit” college and overcome personal struggles. At Wesleyan University, they helped him identify on-campus resources, set goals and hold himself accountable. When he needs career advice, he still calls his counselors from Amistad Academy.

Albert is excited to continue his career helping to enhance our community. He plans to return to school to pursue his MBA, buy real estate in New Haven and serve as a landlord developing the community in which he grew up.

Favorite aspect of being an Achievement First alumnus: “Looking back, I am most grateful to have had the support and the discipline that Achievement First provides. Achievement First helped to instill in me the idea that you need to be socially conscious and focused. I also remember working with my college counselor until 10:00 p.m. on college applications. I didn’t think anyone would do that, but Achievement First found teachers who would.”

Proudest moment: “I am proud of graduating college, seeing my mom’s face and just letting her know that all of her hard work paid off because we achieved the goal that we set. I am also most proud of playing a role in my father’s epiphany that led him to improve his life and focus on faith and family.”

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