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Families, you can find our 2021-22 school back-to-school info here.

Many of our scholars may be returning to school for the first time in more than a year—we know that will be an exciting time, and also a time when our students will have lots of questions about what to expect. We will help ensure your child is safe and happy and answer any questions they may have when we return to school. We also encourage you to talk to your scholar(s) at home about returning to school and help prepare them for the first day. Together we will:

  1. Respond to your child’s questions: We will be open and clear with our scholars and answer any questions they may have about what they can expect.
  2. Assure your child that they are returning to a safe learning environment: We are committed to learning together, safe together! We want our scholars to know that safety is our top priority, and we have measures in place to keep our students, staff, and families safe.
  3. Give your child time to adjust: Returning to school will be an adjustment for all of us, and will impact each person in a different way. We will bring a spirit of patience and understanding as we give your scholar time to make the transition.

*Updated on July 19, 2021. All protocols are subject to change.