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Karina Sumano May 23, 2019

Kevin, Kaitlyn, and Leo are fifth graders at AF North Brooklyn Prep Middle School. They shared their favorite things about school, advice, and future aspirations!   [caption id="attachment_18723" align="alignleft" width="219"]Kaitlyn smiling Kaitlyn[/caption] Thank for chatting, scholars! Tell us about yourselves. Kevin: I’m Kevin. I like to have fun, but I also try to do my best and get good grades. For fun, I play kickball outside with other kids. Leo: My name is Leo. I like to draw and play soccer. Kaitlyn: I’m 10 years old. I’m from Brooklyn, New York. My parents are from Ecuador. I like to read, draw, and sing a lot of songs. What is your favorite thing about going to school at AF North Brooklyn Prep Middle? Kevin: My favorite thing about my school is that I can make friends with a lot of kids. I can help them, and they can help me. Leo: I like how the teachers help us when we have trouble with a subject. Kaitlyn: My favorite thing about going to my school is the support that teachers give us, and how they teach us our student habit skills. I also love the field trips. The Ellis Island trip was the best trip I took! [caption id="attachment_18724" align="alignright" width="207"]Kevin smiling Kevin[/caption] We’ve heard that you all showed a lot of growth in school! What advice would you give other students who want to improve in school? Kevin: You need to use your scholarly habits so you can improve. For example, in ELA, a scholarly habit is when you have to annotate and go back to the text so you can prove your answer. Leo: I would tell them that if they study and learn more from the teacher, they can have a good career and get what they always wanted. Kaitlyn: It’s important to complete the homework teachers give you so you can practice. That’s great advice! What’s next for you? What do you want to be when you grow up? [caption id="attachment_18722" align="alignleft" width="218"]Leo smiling Leo[/caption] Kevin: I want to be a pilot so I can fly a plane and see everything in the sky. Leo: My dream career is between a lawyer, math teacher, or an artist! Lawyer because I want to know all the laws so I can help people who are in trouble when they didn’t do anything. A math teacher because I like math, and I want to teach other students some strategies to solve math problems. And an artist because my passion is drawing, just like my dad. Kaitlyn: I probably want to be a singer to meet other celebrities or an artist because I like to draw. I also want to be a doctor because I really want to find a cure for cancer. Wow! These are great aspirations. We can't wait to see what the future will bring for you. Thanks for sharing!

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