In his role as Chief of High Schools, Dumar leads AF’s approach to improving HS academic results through goal setting, progress monitoring, and performance management and ensuring the development and execution of our long-term high school program vision. Dumar has nearly two decades of experience as an educator and school leader and specific expertise in building successful high schools. At Achievement First, Dumar has served students at  AF University Prep HS as an Academic Dean, the Principal of AF Brooklyn High School, and a Regional Superintendent. During his tenure at AF Brooklyn High, he led his school through the height of the pandemic, increased pass rates, AP performance, Org Health, and dramatically reduced the number of suspensions. Before arriving at AF, he served as the Director of College & Career Readiness at New Dawn Charter School, an alternative transfer high school serving over-aged and under-credited students who were not successful in traditional educational settings. Prior to his work at New Dawn, Dumar served in a variety of capacities within education including work as a School Counselor, Writing/Composition teacher, and manager of several non-profit programs. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Dumar was the first male in his family to graduate from college. He obtained his Bachelor of Science from The State University of New York at Albany, and his Master of Science from Grand Canyon University. His experiences growing up in Brooklyn as a first-generation college graduate keep him committed to his community while ensuring youth receive quality education opportunities.

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