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Karina Sumano Jul 25, 2018

Kenneth Santana is a proud elementary school parent at Achievement First. I remember being in your shoes a few years ago asking myself - which school will provide my child with the best education? My daughter Inez started at Achievement First in kindergarten and is now entering the third grade. As Inez enters her 4th year at Achievement First - I know now I made the best decision for her future. The academic growth that Inez has shown is astonishing. My soon-to-be third grader is reading 2 levels above her grade - that’s fifth grade! This school has ignited such a passion for reading and learning in Inez that she is excelling. Starting in kindergarten, scholars at Achievement First are not only outperforming their peers at neighboring schools but are also receiving the tools and knowledge they need for college and beyond.
My soon-to-be third grader is reading 2 levels above her grade - that’s fifth grade!
I am incredibly grateful for the education my daughter is receiving but also for the love and support our family receives from teachers and staff at Achievement First. So much so that I have visited the State Capitol on multiple occasions to share my story with our elected officials, asking them to support the growth of such amazing schools. I am thrilled that YOU now have the opportunity to join us. From one parent to another, we would love to have you as a part of our Achievement First family! Kindergarten seats are still available, and it is the best decision you can make for your little one - enroll today! Visit or call 718-623-2660 ext. 3. Tell them Kenneth sent you!

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