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Achievement First Jun 3, 2024

This month, Achievement First, alongside our colleagues from Excel Academy Charter Schools, will share inspiring letters from and stories about our students, families, and schools in Providence. We are seeking approval from the Providence City Council to lease a historic building, allowing our two schools to co-locate in the former Carl G. Lauro school building in Providence and provide many more students the opportunity to attend our schools. We hope that the powerful voices from our community members sharing their belief in our schools and the impact of Achievement First and Excel Academy will inspire confidence in our missions to provide access to an excellent, joyful public education for any Providence family.

Leidy and her family at home in Providence, RI.

My name is Leidy Bueno. I live in Providence, RI, and my children attend Excel Academy. My family and I moved to Providence over two years ago. We decided to enroll our child at Excel because we received great recommendations about the school. We were also looking for a high-quality school that enforced a uniform dress code and represented a strong culture of unity and respect for all teachers and students. Excel Academy has had a very positive impact on our child. I was specifically impressed with the growth in his English language skills. His English teachers are very nice and supportive when reaching out to me to congratulate me or let me know what needs improvement. The renovation of the Carl G. Lauro building is important to my family and me because there will be more space, and I want my other daughter to attend it as well. With the expansion of the school, we will be able to access more space for incoming students, and everyone will have an opportunity to grow educationally. I am writing this letter to express my strong support for the plans regarding the Carl G. Lauro building for Excel Academy Rhode Island and Achievement First. As a proud member of the Excel Academy Rhode Island community, I believe this new facility represents a significant step forward in providing the best education and resources for our students. Please consider this letter as a testament to the profound significance of keeping the Carl G. Lauro building as a school for both our family and the wider community. Thank you for your dedication to our city's children and for your efforts in making this vision a reality. Sincerely, Leidy Bueno

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