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Tolu Dec 22, 2021

Winter is here, and we cannot contain our excitement for the jolliest time of year! Despite all the holiday fun, occasionally snowy days and cold temperatures can have you longing for summer. But winter can have plenty of fun activities to offer, too! Check out our list of five, fun winter activities to learn and enjoy during the winter break and all season long!

Go on a Winter Nature Walk.

It might be a little chilly during the winter, but the season offers some breathtaking views that can be enjoyed by all! A winter nature walk is the perfect way for your child to take in all the scenery the season has to offer. This list has you covered with all the exciting winter activities you can do with your child outdoors, including photography, sledding, and land art.

Create some winter inspired art.

The snow, the lights, the decorations -- winter is truly the most beautiful season of the year! Spark your child’s inner Picasso with a starry night sky painting or decorate your home with a custom made, stained glass bunting for your window. There’s plenty of winter inspired art projects that will keep your child busy on those extra cold winter days.

Go on a Winter Scavenger Hunt.

The cold weather may cause some winter blues, but there is truly so much to see, explore, and find during the season! Putting together a Winter Scavenger Hunt is the perfect way to get your child moving and engaged in their surroundings. You can check out this page for outdoor winter scavenger hunt worksheets, as well as this indoor scavenger hunt for when you want to enjoy the fun inside! 

Sharpen your math skills.

With the long winter break coming up, there’s no better time for your child to sharpen their math skills and apply everything they’ve learned in school! Check out this list of 9 winter math activities and games that will keep your child in the holiday spirit and having fun while learning!

Create your own snow!

The Northeast is known for getting tons of snow during the winter season, but wouldn’t it be cool to create your own? This homemade snow experiment will provide your child with hours of fun, while teaching them about some cool scientific

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