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Dominic Mar 4, 2022

We love our annual tradition of celebrating school leaders who have been with us for five, 10, 15, and - for the very first time - 20 years! We are so grateful for each leader and the impact they have had on each student in every school. Please join us in congratulating the following dedicated leaders! *These leaders are celebrating additional years of service, but this is our first opportunity to recognize them as School Leaders.

Ten Years of Service

Alexandria Telford, Dean of School Culture, Elm City College Preparatory Elementary

"Thank you for your years of service to this work, this community, this team, our kids, and our families. While I’ve only had a small window into your leadership thus far, I am grateful for the opportunity to both support you and learn from you. Thank you for the work you’ve done in these past 10 years and the work I know you will continue to do. I am playing some Lil Bow Wow in your honor today!! Continue to lead from your values and your heart – and here’s to 10 more!" - Shanice Adams, Principal, AF Elm City Elementary

Amy Reger, Academic Dean, AF Bridgeport Elementary

"Amy, a founding member of AF Bridgeport Academy Elementary, stage 5 Distinguished Teacher, and Kindergarten + Third Grade GLD, is someone who has been a true 'gem' on our team for the past 12 years. Amy’s knowledge of content, love for our scholars and colleagues, and investment in developing teachers are unmatched. Amy is someone who puts 110% into everything she does; whether it is creating school-wide schedules, designing science curriculum and experiments, taking on two (completely different) grade levels, supporting teachers, or just simply running dismissal. Amy’s mindset is always in a place of 'what’s best for our kids.' Not only does her face light up when she sees the growth, success, and 'aha' moments our scholars have, she is also dependable and flexible to ensure that, no matter what, our kids are put first. Amy, thank you so much for your commitment to us here in Bridgeport. We would not be the school we are today without all of your hard work and dedication!" - Lauren D'Addario, Dean of Students, AF Bridgeport Elementary *Amy is celebrating 12 years of service - this is our first opportunity to recognize her.

Arley Pekrul, Academic Dean, AF Amistad High School

"'Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you,' Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This quote is a true representation of Arley’s leadership. For the past three years, Arley has been a fierce leader advocating for what is BEST for our children and doing it in a manner that is inviting and collaborative. Arley is truly an all-star as evidenced by her dedication and commitment to Amistad High School in its most trying times. What I appreciate the most about Arley is her infectious energy (even when everything seems to be going wrong), you can count on Arley to be present with a SMILE with an idea, suggestion, and solution to resolve the issue. She is a critical thinker and knows how to analyze a problem, resulting in positive outcomes. In these moments, internally I say to myself, 'She just gets it!!!!!' May I take a second to brag about how Arley is an effective coach? Her coaching portfolio consists of first-year teachers- stage 5 teachers and her ability to differentiate to coach their needs is marvelous! But Arley’s greatest superpower is being a loving MOMMY while balancing being an AF school leader. Arley, it is a joy to work with you and I am honored to call you a teammate. Happy Ten Years! Keep shining." - Dr. Simon Obas, Principal, AF Amistad High School

Cameron Xavier McLinden, Assoc. Academic Dean, AF Brownsville Middle School

"Cameron – you are an institution at AF Brownsville Middle School. From founding the school in a room at the Brooklyn Public Library to re-founding in the middle of a pandemic 10 years later, you have always strived to make Brownsville the best it can be." -Allison Laird, Principal, AF Brownsville Middle School *Cameron is celebrating 11 years of service - this is our first opportunity to recognize him.

Carla Sato, Academic Dean, AF Bushwick ES

"Which song lyric best represents Carla Sato? 'You just call out my name, and you know, wherever I am, I’ll come running,' 'Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on me, for sure,' and, 'We can build this dream together, standing strong forever, nothing’s gonna stop us now.' The answer is actually all of the above! Carla is the teammate you wish you had. She is the first person to check in on others. She is the first person to reach out and offer support (even though she already has a lot on her plate). She is the first person to send a card of appreciation. She is the first person to share gratitude. She is the first person to offer to create a plan. She is the first person to review a plan for small details to make it stronger. She is the first person to ask a question to help get the team aligned. And not only is she a team player, she knows so much about K-4 math that it can make your head spin (in a good way). Before conceptual learning was the 'thing,' she was pushing her scholars and then our entire school population to explain their thinking, and to fully understand why their strategy works and how it can apply to other mathematical situations. She can walk into a math classroom and pick out the conceptual gap within 2 minutes (seriously, time her) and have a detailed plan to close the gap right after. She has built and coached a true dynasty of math teachers at AFBES. And despite all her strengths, she seeks feedback, works hard to get better, and does this work with humility. A teacher Carla coaches shared, 'Thank you for igniting my love for teaching math and spearheading such a strong math program at this school. Thank you for sharing this love for math instruction, and for always making me feel seen, understood, and supported.' Thank you for giving us 10 great years, Carla! - Courtney Saretzky, Principal, AF Bushwick Elementary

Christina Braganza, Chief Program Officer

"Christina – I am so unbelievably grateful for your years of service at AF. I feel incredibly fortunate that I have gotten to work with you so closely for the past 2 years. You are one of the most strategic thinkers that I have ever met in my life. You have such skill in thinking through processes – how to set priorities, goals, stakeholder engagement, how to execute, etc. So many of us have become much more strategic thinkers because of you! Your personal 'why' drives your work every day, and I feel it in every interaction. You always, always put students first. We all see and feel your deep care in how you speak about students and families and in the tremendous amount of work that you do for our organization. You are one of the best work partners I have ever had. You have deep personal care. You have no problem pushing and questioning me and others to be better. And you are always willing to step in and help. You are one of the most generous teammates I have worked with as well. I also wanted to highlight the exceptional work that you have done with others to build our Empower programs. You not only believe that AF should serve all students – you literally made it happen. Thank you for your years of service, Christina. AF is a better place – and a more complete place – because of you." - Steph Keenoy, Superintendent of Achievement First *Christina is celebrating 11 years of service - this is our first opportunity to recognize her.

Hannah Hopper, Academic Dean, Amistad Middle School

"The first thing you should know about Hannah is that she can get it done in the classroom. And by 'get it done,' I don’t just mean that she can make sure kids learn what they are supposed to learn, although she is really good at that. But here, I also mean that she can get this done in a way that shows kids that she values their ideas and values them having a positive experience at school. Whether working with a six-year veteran or a teacher in their first week in front of kids, Hannah can step into any classroom situation and show the teacher a way to do what they’re doing that values the student experience and ensures student learning. Maybe the most important thing that Hannah has contributed to Amistad Middle over the past ten years has been her consistent role as a team player. In the midst of the best years and the worst years, the best days and the days when ten teachers are absent, Hannah has, without hesitation, stepped in to do whatever needed to be done to keep things running smoothly, whether that be coaching another teacher, teaching another class, sitting outside the restroom, creating materials for tutoring, or doing any of the thousands of other things that just require someone willing to step in to do them. Thank you, Hannah!" - Rosie Basile, Principal, AF Amistad Middle School

Hannah Madoff, Assoc. Academic Dean, AF East Brooklyn High School

"Hannah the time has flown! 10 years here at AF! Our school has had the pleasure of your service for more than half of your time here and we are grateful. The ways you have stepped up and supported our school are incalculable! (Get it?) From the early days of our math crescendo strategy to supporting and literally raising some of our newest teachers, and now pushing beyond your comfort zone to be a leader in school. In all of this you have been able to be counted on to not just do the work, but do the work with excellence and find the 3rd, 4th, or 5th way to bring things to the finish line. Thank you for all that you have done for our network and for our students/team over the last 10 years. We are blessed to have you here. Mazel tov!" - Martin Palamore, Principal, AF East Brooklyn HS

Jamie Gronningsater, Director of School Operations, AF Hartford ES

"Since your first day in the Director of School Operations (DSO) role, you have been faced with tremendous challenges and I am in constant awe of how you have navigated them! Jamie, your grace, calmness during a storm, and resilience have been truly admirable over your time in this role. I am amazed how you continue to stay dedicated to this work and show up in a phenomenal way for our school community despite the workload and factors working against us at times. Thank you for being a model of what a dynamic mother, wife, and leader look like. Thank you for always being receptive to feedback and willing to grow into an even more amazing DSO. Thank you for making our school community a better place for kids and staff!" - Raven Obas, Principal, AF Hartford Elementary

Janine Fraser, Regional Director of Operations

"It would be impossible to try to put the impact Janine has had on the AF community over the course of the past decade into words. From her early days as an SSM at Bushwick ES to her current dual role as a Regional Director of Operations/Sr. Director of Learning and Development, she has consistently improved systems, identified opportunities for growth, and directly supported families, staff, and kids. Her leadership is both quiet and powerful, and she does not back away from any challenge that comes her way. Being an Ops Leader over the course of the past few years has been incredibly challenging - Janine has helped so many make their way through the never-ending curveballs that the pandemic has thrown our way. Her unwavering commitment to supporting, developing, and advocating for those she works closely with is admirable. And she balances it all while being an incredible mom to Maya and Mel. Janine - thank you for all you've contributed to AF over the past 10 years and congratulations on your years of service!" - Amelia Hanley, Vice President, Team School Operations

Katie Hagen, Academic Dean, Elm City Middle School

"Katie, it has been a real honor working with you for the last 6 years, and even more of an honor to celebrate your 12 years of service at Achievement First. You are the definition of reflective leadership and being committed to the TEAM. Elm City is beyond lucky to have you as a leader! We've faced challenges that exceed anything I've seen in my 17 years in education, and there is no one I'd rather have by my side. Thank you for always putting the team first, for your attention to detail, and for showing up for our community. Congratulations on your 12 years of service. You deserve all the recognition and so much more. The love is deep and real Katie!" - Tanesha Forman, Academic Dean, AF Elm City Middle School *Katie is celebrating 12 years of service - this is our first opportunity to recognize her.

Max Milliken, Principal, AF East New York Middle School

"Max is the ultimate 'player’s coach' - a leader who leads not through authority but through care and inspiration. He does the little things: asking 'Can I get you something?' greeting teachers warmly every morning and being accessible. He’s created a culture of care, teamwork, and support in his school where teachers are regularly shouting each other out. He also knows how to bring out the best in his people. He has high standards but manages to hold people to them in a caring way. And his impact has been tremendous. In Max’s first three years as a principal, AF East New York Middle’s AF Report Card score doubled from 506 points to 1,000 points. Now, AF East New York is consistently the bar-setter for all of our middle schools in virtually every dimension: student investment, adult culture, and academic results. We are all so lucky that Max will be leaving both his school and our network in a better place than he found it." - Chi Tschang, Chief of Schools - Middle School

Melissa Cantave, Director of School Operations, AF Crown Heights Elementary School

"Melissa - what’s the definition of a true leader? Someone who can build relationships with anyone on the team. Someone who can navigate any challenge with calm and grace. Someone who can see the bigger picture and see all the pieces of the puzzle. Someone who is YOU! You have been such a pillar for this school and for me. Nothing ever rattles you and you have the ability to balance out any situation with reason and rational thinking. You are the heartbeat of CHES and have made everyone who has the pleasure to work with you better because of who you are inside and out! Congratulations on your years of service at AF! We are who we are because of who you are!" - Dr. Sade Johnson, Principal, AF Crown Heights Elementary

Michael Diaz, VP of Great Teaching

"It has been a true privilege witnessing Michael’s leadership both from a distance and more closely this year. For the past 11 years, Michael has taken deliberate steps to strengthen and develop our secondary science program, our HS STEM program, and now our overall HS Program. Michael is passionate about ensuring our scholars have access to high-quality instruction, is a collaborative and reflective leader, and embodies a growth mindset. Last year, Michael stepped into the role of VP of Great Teaching for our high schools mid-year during an incredibly challenging time. Over the past year, Michael has brought together the separate subject teams into a cohesive HS Program Team, taken steps to reimagine how we approach core academic systems and practices and is a critical leader charting a path forward for how we redesign our high schools long term. There have been SO MANY curve balls and challenges over the past year and a half, and Michael faces each one with a sense of teamwork, quiet strength, and reflection that inspires others to keep facing the challenges each day. Michael, you should be incredibly proud of the impact you have had on kids and adults, and we are so grateful for your service!" - De-Lea Deane-Allen, Chief Equity Officer *Michael Diaz is celebrating 11 years of service - this is our first opportunity to recognize him.

Mike Rosskamm, Regional Superintendent

"Mike – Thank you for your many years of service and dedication to our organization, schools, and kids. I think you might win the award for having the most diverse jobs at AF. From supporting our enrichment programs to managing many of our MSs, you’ve done it all. One of the things that I have been most impressed by is your humility, growth mindset, and learner stance. We’ve been through a lot of difficult things together in the past couple of years, and you have always approached each situation thinking about what you could have done differently and what you want to do differently in the future. The past couple of months have been exceptionally hard, and you’ve had to turn your life and your job upside down to support one of your schools. You’ve been there almost every day, you’ve served as interim principal, and you have simultaneously been determined to support your other principals during a really hard time in educational history. Thanks for not shying away from the hard stuff and thanks for your constant drive to learn. I know both of these things are going to serve you so well in the future." - Steph Keenoy, Superintendent of Achievement First *Mike is celebrating 11 years of service - this is our first opportunity to recognize him.

Mindy Salinaz Rice, Principal, AF Promesa Elementary

"Mindy, you are one of the most transformational and inspiring leaders I’ve ever met! Your work simply speaks for itself. From leading our Iluminar students to have the #1 outcomes in the entire state in BOTH math and ELA… to founding the only founding school in the first year of the pandemic (that still achieved exemplary org. health, what?!)… to having literally grown countless deans and high performing teachers… to being an incredible mother of three… you are an inspiration to our entire AF RI community and beyond. Your impact in AF for the past 10 years has been truly incredible. Congrats on your 10 years of service to our kids, families, and AF team!" - Kevin Lohela, Regional Superintendent

Rousseau Mieze, Associate Dean of School Culture, AF Voyager Middle School

"Rousseau, you are one of the most passionate educators that I have ever met. You lead with your heart and standard always and place scholars at the center of everything that you do. You inspire kids and adults to want to be their best selves, and consistently uplift everyone around you. During your time at Voyager, you brought extreme care and a realness that was both needed and respected. Your authenticity, high expectations, and ability to really 'see' others left a lasting impact on our community, and we know that whenever we need a gut check, a reality check, or some Rousseau inspiration we can count on you! Thank you for being a rock of an educator!" - Tamla Frater, Principal, AF Voyager Middle School

Sarah Ewing, Academic Dean, AF Providence Elementary

"Sarah, we are SO proud of you. When you stop and ask about the impact that Mrs. Ewing has had on our school people truly cannot say enough. She has been the model at our school for what it means to use data to drive instruction, planning, and decisions. Sarah LOVED teaching and spending time with kids – when she became a Level 5 teacher she didn’t stop there. Since transitioning into her leadership position Sarah has transferred her love and belief in kids to adults. Sarah has helped teachers grow, develop, and push themselves further than they thought possible. Ewing is a key member of our leadership team and school. She naturally raises the base of everyone around her and also makes sure you are laughing and having fun in the process. If you ever need someone to recite math standards, talk about Harry Potter, dress in a onesie for a student experience event or be the emcee of a fun event – Ewing is your person. We are so, so proud of you Sarah and so grateful to have someone with a heart and passion for this work as you on our team! Congratulations and we can’t wait to celebrate your ten years!" - Bre Hudgins, Principal, AF Providence Elementary

Shana Richards, Academic Dean, AF Crown Heights Elementary

"Shana, the definition of a beautiful Black Boss Queen is you! Although you haven’t received your call from Bravo (yet), your presence is larger than life! You are the light for both our leadership team and the 1st-grade team. Your heart is the biggest I have ever seen for everyone that you work with! Your advocacy for what our adults need is incredible. You embody the balance we need to always think about ways in which our work can slay with sustainability. I have been so lucky to be able to work hard and play hard and then work hard again! Thank you for being the best, most fabulous, most caring, most passionate, most warm, most dedicated person to this work. Congratulations Shana!" - Dr. Sade Johnson, Principal, AF Crown Heights Elementary

Shana Robinson, Dean of College, AF University Prep High School

"Thoughtful. Real. Problem Solver. Kind. Planned and Organized. Does ALL the things. Robinson. Shana Robinson – you are amazing! You did not skip a beat as you’ve stepped into the Dean of College and Career at UP. You care so deeply about your team, about their experience, about their passions, about their lives outside of work – and they know it and feel it. You are always thinking two steps ahead, and your advanced planning has been integral in being able to tackle the tricky stuff that you can’t anticipate. You are receptive to feedback and collective problem solving, which is allowing you to grow and develop. Students are supported by you and experience such a deep sense of joy and belonging with your team – and you cultivate that through your leadership. Parents and families are supported through one of the most challenging processes in high school: college applications and financial aid. Your team is integral to the success of our school. And your leadership of your team is integral to their success. So basically – you’re a BOSS and your impact cannot be overstated. With deep love, gratitude, and appreciation – HAPPY 12 YEARS AT AF!" - Jason Coalter, Principal, AF University Prep HS *Shana is celebrating 12 years of service - this is our first opportunity to recognize her.

Thaysha “Ty” Menardy, Director of School Operations, AF Linden Middle School

"TEN YEARS!! Ten years of laughter, realness, tell-it-like-it-is, critical feedback, loving hard on our kids, being everyone’s mom (in EVERY sense of the word), and exuding the highest level of warmth and demand in every aspect…that is the very essence of who you are as a leader! In the past ten years, Ty’s impact has been nothing less than transformative especially when it comes to operations and breathing life into the vision of schools. From tutoring kids at Endeavor Middle School to pushing Student Culture to the next level, and raising the bar of expectations with our HS students. Ty’s passion for leaving and making an impact has always been the source of her leadership and mentorship. As a Director of Operations, she has enhanced the vision of founding schools not only once but a total of three times over her tenure as a leader (two of which are AF Greenfield schools!). What I admire most about Ty is her ability to constantly consider EVERY stakeholder that is impacted by the decisions we make as a school and how she manages to constantly tell the story of the Castle through her operating decisions. There would be no Castle to speak of if Ty did not spend hours in Starbucks with me unpacking and probing for the vision of AF Linden Middle so that it can come to life. Above all Ty is loved by students and staff alike. She’ll figure out a way to make sure we always provide for our kids, makes sure that staff feels supported, and will, in a heartbeat, be sure to ask the most thorough questions to make sure we always address the root cause, and in a blink of an eye also have you laughing until your belly hurts. Wherever Ty goes her leadership continues to leave an impressionable mark on everyone that crosses her path. The appreciation and gratitude for her countless hours, days, out-of-the-box thinking and service which impacted the lives of so many these past ten years run deep. I have been blessed and honored to work so closely beside her these past four years doing some of the hardest unprecedented work of our lifetime – You are a rock and champion of champions!" - Rochelle Murray, Principal, AF Linden Middle School

Tresha Hollis, Director of School Operations, Aspire Middle School

Tresha, you will always be the first person I met at AF. Therefore, it’s only fitting that I got to spend my final year at the organization with you as my DSO. It’s no surprise why people love to work with you: you have incredibly domain-specific knowledge; you are one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, and you bring such care to everything you do in the service of our kids. However, in truly getting to know you more over the past two years, I’ve found a new trait of yours that I admire…the alignment of your beliefs to your actions. You don’t just “talk the talk” but you also “walk to the walk.” You are a champion for the best experiences possible for our scholars and, therefore, you hold yourself to incredibly high standards. You are a champion of making work fun and engaging and interesting and, therefore, you are the first to share an article, book, or idea with me. You are a believer in systems and operationalizing things to make the load a bit lighter and, therefore, you are always generating new processes or refining previous practices. What you say you believe in is what you do. And, that is something I wish more people did in life. So, Tresha – thank you for our service! My AF experience has been defined by our time working together and I can’t wait for us to continue to stay in touch and share ideas or books or articles even though we might be much further apart geographically. - Zachary Segall, Principal, AF Aspire Middle School *Tresha is celebrating 12 years of service - this is our first opportunity to recognize her.

Zakia Cox, Academic Dean, AF Bushwick Middle School

"Zakia – you’ve been one of the clear standard setters at Bushwick for 10 years now. In the classroom, you have been one of the shining stars for demanding academic excellence from kids while also treating them with an immense amount of love. Beyond a doubt, math instruction at Bushwick, and at AF, would not be the same without you as an exemplar. You have also modeled for teachers what it means to prepare intently and consistently to deliver strong instruction, and to all adults what it means to show up for work every day with dedication and a relentless focus on what actually matters – our work of serving kids and families. I’m extremely grateful and honored to have worked alongside you for the past decade." - Bobby Bridges, Principal, AF Bushwick Middle School

Five Years of Service

Annedrea Coleman, AF Bridgeport Middle School Ashley McFarlane, AF Apollo Elementary Ashley Wilson, AF Legacy Elementary Cheryl Tang, AF Hartford High School Christien Laible, AF Promesa Elementary Colleen Flaherty, AF Promesa Elementary Dan Roberts, AF Crown Heights Middle School Donna Choe, AF Linden Elementary Dumar Paden, AF Brooklyn High School Emily Wojtusik, AF Hartford Summit Middle School Ethel McGinn, AF East Brooklyn High School Faith Johnson, AF Iluminar Middle School Ismael Loera, AF Aspire Elementary J'Nai Haynes, AF Brooklyn High School Jeremy Collier, AF Aspire Middle School Julievette Gordon, AF Hartford High School Kimberly Wodiska, AF East New York Middle School Kristina Fulton, AF Brooklyn High School Kyle Birstler, AF Brownsville Elementary Linzi Golding, Amistad Academy Elementary Luana Braithwaite, AF North Brooklyn Prep Elementary Marie Connor, AF Voyager Middle School Michelle Dander, AF Hartford Summit Middle School Natasha Thompson, AF East New York Middle School Rachel Rubin, AF Amistad High School Ruby Lazo, AF Iluminar Middle School Shalia Garnett, AF Bridgeport Elementary Stephanie Cruz, AF Aspire Elementary Stephanie McSweeney, AF Iluminar Elementary Tara Donovan, AF Hartford Summit Middle School Tiyi Brewster, AF Voyager Middle School

The following leaders are celebrating more than five years of service, but this is our first opportunity to recognize them as School Leaders!

Adaeze Ubawike, AF East New York Middle School Alexandra Seifert, AF North Brooklyn Prep Elementary Amanda Machado, AF Providence Elementary Antoinette White, Amistad Academy Elementary Attallah Sheppard, AF Amistad High School Breanna Walker, AF Hartford Summit Middle School Brittany Wright-Njie, AF Iluminar Middle School Brittney Graham, AF Bridgeport Elementary Casandra Mungo-Nixon, AF Bushwick Elementary Charmayne Joseph, Regional Superintendent and VP of Student Experience Christine Williams, AF University Prep High School Codara Bracy, AF East New York Elementary Daeja Bailey, AF Hartford Summit Middle School Damen Scott, AF Brooklyn High School Emily Travers, AF Envision Elementary Erik Erkkila, AF University Prep High School Fernando Morales, AF Hartford Summit Middle School Fredrick Salyers, AF Brooklyn High School Gabriel Felder, AF Apollo Middle School Gabriel Hamilton, AF East Brooklyn High School George Fuller, Amistad Middle School Hannah Kruysman, AF Bridgeport Elementary Isabel Giovacchini, AF Hartford High School Jahki Manley, AF Hartford High School Jamel Ferguson, AF Endeavor Middle School Jasmine Fyffe, AF Crown Heights Middle School Jasmine Watts, Amistad Middle School Jason Coalter, AF University Prep High School Jazmin Gordon Rose, AF East Brooklyn High School Jenine Jeffreys, Elm City College Middle School Jenn Sessano, Amistad Academy Middle School Jennifer Arce, AF Hartford Elementary School Jessica Glover, AF Hartford Summit Middle School Jessica McDonald, AF Apollo Elementary Jessica Thomas, AF Bushwick Elementary Jo Dominique, AF Hartford High School Joanna Hewitt, AF East Brooklyn High School Joshua Ocasio, AF North Brooklyn Prep Elementary Julia Leonard, Elm City College Elementary Katherine Snapp, AF East New York Middle School Katie Johnson, AF Apollo Middle School Kellee Beachy, AF Providence Mayoral Academy Middle School Keresa Gentry Atwater, AF Bushwick Middle School Kerrian Williams, AF Endeavor Elementary Kim Trotman, AF East Brooklyn High School Lakendra Thompson, AF Bridgeport Elementary Lilly Ramirez, AF North Brooklyn Prep Elementary Lindsey Niehoff, AF Iluminar Elementary Liz Iorio, AF North Brooklyn Prep Elementary Marrie Ayub, AF Hartford High School Martin Palamore, AF East Brooklyn High School Melanie Green, AF Voyager Middle School Melissa Silverman, AF North Brooklyn Prep Middle School Najayra Rogers, AF Apollo Elementary Nicole Souza, AF Iluminar Middle School Nora Kersey, AF Aspire Elementary Rivka Rappoport, AF East New York Middle School Samantha James, AF Ujima High School Sandeep Kaur, Amistad Academy Middle School Sara-Kay Logan, AF Hartford Elementary Sean Reynolds, AF Bridgeport Middle School Shane Brown, AF Aspire Elementary Shannon Lasiter, AF Hartford Summit Middle School Stacy Ann Brissett, AF Linden Elementary Stella Onochie, AF Hartford High School Stephanie Kotnik, AF Bushwick Middle School Tanesha Forman, Elm City College Middle School Tasha Sawyer, AF Legacy Elementary Tashia Cruz, Elm City College Elementary Trina Russell, AF North Brooklyn Prep Middle School Yaneli Almonte-Arias, AF Envision Elementary Yvonne Williams, AF Bushwick Elementary

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