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Amanda Jan 31, 2022

Black History is more than a month. It’s the story of where we come from and where we are going. It can’t be contained by 28 days or 28 lifetimes. Black History begins when life does, hundreds of thousands of years ago when the first human beings built community in Africa. It stretches far into the future alongside our dreams for a better world. And here at home, Blackness gives root to what our country is and to the promise of what it will become. Black people have built so much of what we see around us and continue to build toward what we someday hope to see.

Black History is more than a month – it’s a lifelong commitment to learning (and re-learning) the overlooked contributions of the past and the present.

And it’s a time to celebrate. As we remember the contributions of our heroes of yesterday and today, we reflect on how they inform our lives and the lives around us. It’s also a time to learn more and do more. The 2022 Black History Month theme – Black Health and Wellness– is one to heed as we as a society work to overcome the health care disparities perpetrated on Black people. Throughout history, including in developing conversations on wellness, there were and are Black people pushing society to be a better and freer place for all. 

We do not celebrate Black accomplishments these 28 days in February and simply move on when we turn the calendar page.

Black History is more than a month; it’s a call to action What we learn from our shared history, we take forward into our shared future. And that’s a vital opportunity for us to create the better world that Black people have sought to build since the beginning. For inspiring moments in Black History this month, follow Achievement First’s Instagram  

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