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Leonore Jun 20, 2018

Miquell is a 2018 graduate of Achievement First Amistad High. I am one of the most dangerous and threatening black men that any of you will meet in your entire lives. Don’t let my twisted crown of locs or my muscular physique fool you, because under my thick natural hair is a brain designed to overturn the tide of oppression that has been unleashed against my people since before the intertwined threads of American democracy were created. Under these thick slabs of muscle is a body that I took back from those who swore my destiny was enshrined by my oppressors prior to my birth. This senior year was an immense spiritual journey to a place where I realized that my biography will no longer be displayed on a shelf, because that represents who I am from someone else’s point of view and style of writing. Society will no longer define me by how the white man illustrated that black man to be, with all stereotypes intact. Instead, I am writing my autobiography. I am the writer of my own story. I am the revolutionary who will endure to make the check once marked ‘insufficient funds’ be approved by the banks of American Democracy. I will continue that autobiography in the fall, when I attend the University of Richmond.

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