Where does this fit into my work?

When we think about daily instructional planning, we think about it in two buckets:

1. Practical preparation (creating materials, walking through the flow of the lesson, etc.)

2. Intellectual preparation

In any classroom, there should be evidence that the teacher knows the big idea of the lesson, has crafted a culminating question or task that directly gets at the big idea, has pre-planned an exemplar response, and has thought through student misconceptions.

During this session, participants will walk through the steps of the intellectual preparation protocol, craft questions for their class that support the big idea, practice insisting on strong answers and plan how to handle misconceptions in their own classroom.

Supplemental Resources for School Leaders

Optional Resource for New Leaders: If you would like to get a better sense of what the IPP protocol might look like, feel free to watch the following video of a Humanities Intellectual Prep Protocol.  Click here to access the video and use the password: IPP