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How can you prove that your school is truly "humming"? How can you support teachers when their classrooms aren't quite there yet? What do your teachers need to envision in order for every classroom across your school is humming like a brand new sports car? In this session, you will use a rubric to help diagnose culture issues in a classroom and plan for teacher intervention.

  • Teacher and scholar habits are shaped in the critical first 8 weeks of the school year.  If we get the foundation right and truly make certain foundation behaviors “habit”, it will free up learning time for increased rigor and engagement.
  • We can extract meaningful take-aways from high-impact classroom walkthroughs if we know what we are looking for and how to collect data for the key teacher and scholar behaviors that we expect.
  • Classroom culture data should drive leader action – it’s like formative assessment data reflective of what we taught (staff) well and where there are gaps.
  • We can, and should, differentiate teacher support to meet the needs we are seeing.   One size coaching will not fit all.  Teachers, like scholars, have a wide range of skill base and we need to proactively plan intervention triggers and supports. 

Supplemental Resources for School Leaders

Interested in delivering this professional development to your own staff? Below are the presentation materials used this summer during an Achievement First professional development for current school leaders. Please feel free to use these as resources to edit so that you can cater to your own school and staff.



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