March 27, 2013 16:45 Age: 5 yrs

Between the Frames: Character on Display During Middle School Bowling Trip

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By: Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson is a teacher at Elm City College Prep Middle.

At Elm City College Prep Middle, students who showed REACH values earned a trip to the local bowling alley to hone their skills and enjoy each other’s company. I was most impressed by the acts of kindness I saw between frames.

Our students shared laughter, high-fives, stories, and snacks from the concession stand. One student, who had forgotten his spending money at school, was barraged by unsolicited offers of French fries. Other students helped struggling teammates by offering tips on how to best hold a bowling ball. Every time a strike or a spare was recorded on the overhead monitor, our students cheered for each other. I was struck by the realization that, throughout the entire trip, not a single student felt left out or was unsmiling. Everyone felt included and happy to be a part of the Team & Family. It was truly a demonstration of the character, kindness and positivity we promote at Elm City College Prep Middle. It is amazing to see our students embody these traits as they both learn and play.

That afternoon, bowling with our students taught me something important. In watching them, I learned to better appreciate that crucial moment—the moment that seems to hang there, suspended for an impossibly long time—the moment that comes when you let go, step back and wait to see what your steadiest aim can deliver.





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